Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock [Boston Beer Company]

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock
Brewery: Boston Beer Company
Style: Bock
ABV: 5.5%

When it comes to chocolate beer, I am always pretty skeptical. Usually these types of beers are too sweet for my liking, so they are not a priority of mine. I must give props to Samuel Adams, however. Their Chocolate Bock is surprisingly good — and not too sweet at all.

According to the Sam Adams website, the Chocolate Bock was slowly aged on a bed of rare cocoa nibs (including some from Ecuador). These cocoa nibs give the beer a very prominent, but not overwhelming, chocolate flavor.

Poured into a glass, this is a very dark beer. This has a sweet taste, but not overly so. The Chocolate Bock would be an excellent choice for a rich dessert pairing or some actual chocolate. As such, it would be difficult to have more than one glass of this.

I enjoyed Samuel Adams’ Chocolate Bock, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again. Chocolate lovers will enjoy this brew, but be careful where you buy it. Apparently this bad boy costs $15 for a bomber, and that is a bit too steep of a price. I had a regular 12 oz bottle in a Sam Adams variety pack, and that is the way to go here. Give it a try if you are curious about it.


2 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock [Boston Beer Company]

  1. John says:

    My friend is a bar manager, so he has a hook-up with distributors. Last year, he got several of these and we drank them during a marathon of Edgar Wright’s ‘Spaced’. It was one hell of a day. And I loved the beer. Like you, “chocolate” gives me pause, but this was a lot like eating chocolate cake, WITHOUT being overpowering. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    • Eric says:

      Hi John, thanks for stopping by! I am glad to hear you are a beer fan, as I don’t get many comments on these types of reviews. 😀

      That sounds like an awesome day. I haven’t seen Spaced myself, which is a bit of a travesty since I have enjoyed Wright’s films quite a bit. Just from the little bit I have heard about it, the show sounds like it would great to pair with some beers.

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