Hero of Sparta [PS3/PSP Mini, 2009]

Hero of Sparta [PS3/PSP Mini]

Hero of Sparta
System: PS3/PSP Mini
Developer: Gameloft
Release Date: October 1, 2009

Hero of Sparta is a hack ‘n slash game that is clearly inspired by the popular God of War series. OK, I am wording that far too nicely — this is a blatant ripoff of God of War. Hero of Sparta is essentially GOW stripped down to its most basic core, and unfortunately it just doesn’t work out that well.

All of the familiar gameplay mechanics are here. You work your way from room to room, killing boatloads of enemies (complete with painfully easy quick time events), and solving the occasional “puzzle” before heading off to an “epic” boss battle. The use of quotations is deserved here because the puzzles require little effort, and the boss battles are laughable. Another similarity is that you even absorb orbs when enemies are slaughtered, which in turn provide power-ups to your health and magic meters.

With its rough polygonal graphics, Hero of Sparta looks and feels like a Playstation One game. I imagine this is what God of War would have been like if it were released a good ten years prior. It’s not bad, per se, but it has basically stripped out all of the elements that made GOW so fun, and turned the game into a series of dull and repetitive combat sequences. Considering there are several actual GOW games to play on both the PS3 and PSP, it is completely unnecessary to acquire this via the Playstation Network. There are far better ways to spend that $5. I can possibly see the appeal of a game like this on the iPhone, but for a PS3/PSP Mini, this is not worth your time.


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