Movies Watched [March 2011]

My movie selections last month were a mixed bag. I watched some excellent classics (I especially loved The Killing and Dial M For Murder), some great documentaries (Restrepo, A Player To Be Named Later) and the last two 2010 Best Picture nominees I missed out on (Toy Story 3, 127 Hours). On the flip side, My Year Without Sex, Weird Science, The Parking Lot Movie and The Switch were all mediocre. This month I plan on continuing through Hitchcock’s catalog, and there are a few documentaries on Netflix Instant Watch that I have been meaning to check out. I have also been really enjoying the beginning of baseball season so I will probably look for some movies in that genre as well.

Despite my increased work schedule last month, I did a little bit better in terms of my watch-to-review ratio. This time I reviewed five of the sixteen movies I watched (31%). Quite a bit short of my 50% goal, but still better than I expected after my slow start. I will give the goal another try this month, hopefully with better results!

In order of viewing:
43) My Year Without Sex [2009]
44) Toy Story 2 [1999]
45) Toy Story 3 [2010]
46) 127 Hours [2010]
47) Never Let Me Go [2010]
48) Weird Science [1985]
49) The Killing [1956]
50) Steamboat Bill, Jr. [1928]
51) The Parking Lot Movie [2010]
52) Dial M For Murder [1954]
53) Get Low [2010]
54) Laura [1944]
55) The Switch [2010]
56) Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans [2009]
57) Restrepo [2010]
58) A Player To Be Named Later [2005]

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