Over Ale [Half Acre Brewery]

Half Acre Over Ale

Over Ale
Brewery: Half Acre (Chicago, Illinois)
Style: American Brown Ale
ABV: 6.0%

One of the best feelings in the world is to fall in love with something at its inception and proceed to watch it grow over time. I am proud to say that I have been drinking Half Acre beer since moving to Chicago just a few years ago, right around the time it moved into its brewing headquarters in the Northcenter neighborhood. If my memory serves me correctly, the company’s Over Ale was the first beer I had from them (either that or their Lager). I was still in the early stages of my craft beer fascination, but Over Ale impressed me right away. To this day, I love this beer.

As one of the brewery’s three always-available options (the others being Gossamer & Daisy Cutter), the Over Ale is certainly a good choice. The brewery calls this an “American style bitter.” When poured into a glass, this has a dark brown appearance with a small head. It has a very nutty taste, and hints of caramel are also present. This is very, very drinkable, and it is perfect for a rainy day.

Earlier this year, Half Acre started packaging Over Ale into tall cans, meaning 4-packs of this beer are available throughout the Chicagoland area. I’m not sure if they have extended the reach into other locales yet, but you should definitely keep an eye out in the Midwest. This has been a trusty standby for the brewery, and I am glad to see it get more distribution.


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