Beer Review: Mr. Ouroboros [Half Acre Beer Company]

Mr. Ouroboros [Half Acre Beer Company]

Mr. Ouroboros
Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company (Chicago, Illinois)
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 6.0%

Last month’s release of Half Acre’s Sticky Fat was a huge hit in our household. With the brewery’s leftover wet hops from the Sticky Fat batch, Half Acre opted to brew Mr. Ouroboros, what they call a “German-Americo Wet Hop Pale Ale.” Like its predecessor, Mr. Ouroboros has an amusing little backstory. From Half Acre’s blog:

Mr. Ouroboros is the ghost of Coney Bottoms, the one and only concrete evidence of the StickyFat Bear. Coney Bottoms, a simple minded farmer that happened to be puttering around in the wrong row when the StickyFat bear was gorging on the ooey-gooey, was taken down by the bear. Since then, the ghost of Coney Bottoms, who the hill-people call Mr. Ouroboros, resurfaces each cycle to loom, to lurk, to gurgle.

As one farmer’s 11 year old son recounts:

“Daddy, I saw the Mr. Ouroboros creaking and cacklin’ in the field…….gumming all he’s got left of his hand and makin’ creepy.”

This wet hop brew pays homage to this cycle and Mr. Ouroboros.

Outside of entertaining tales, the two beers have another thing in common: they are both delicious.

Mr. Ouroboros has a hazy orange appearance, and it smells of floral and citrus goodness. This is a juicy beer, one that oozes of those same floral and citrus notes. It reminds me a lot of Daisy Cutter, but hoppier with an even longer-lasting bitterness. Grapefruit is also very noticeable.

At a solid 6% ABV, Mr. Ouroboros is an easily drinkable beer. It smells delicious and tastes just as good. Some people may be turned off by the lingering bitterness, but this is right up my alley. Another wonderful beer from my favorite local brewery.


Mr. Ouroboros is currently available for growler pours at the brewery. It may not be around long, so make sure to pick it up ASAP.

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