A Time of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I thought I would take this extended holiday weekend to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped The Warning Sign grow over the past year. I started writing nearly every weekday back in September 2010, and the blog has grown tremendously since then. Let’s be honest — I probably wouldn’t still be writing if it weren’t for my loyal readers and commenters. You guys are what keeps me going, so I wanted to share the love with some of my most frequent visitors.

Here is a list of some of my most loyal readers, all of whom I am very thankful for. I have enclosed a couple of sample links for each blog as well, to give an idea of their excellent content.

Scott from Front Room Cinema. FRC is a very prolific movie site with new content added seemingly every day. Scott is a great guy with an undeniable love of film, and it shows through his site.

  • Fallen Icon — a new feature that looks at stars who could really use a good comeback
  • Scott’s Movie Marathon — 13 movies in one weekend, an impressive accomplishment and a fun read

Ruth from FlixChatter. FlixChatter is a very friendly movie blog with an active community, with Ruth (and her recent Gregory Peck obsession) leading the way. A good mix of reviews, features and banter.

Gary from The Vortex Effect. TVE has a little bit of everything, but gaming is the main focus. Gary is a terrific writer and delivers high quality reviews on a number of new releases.

Castor from Anomalous Material. AM is a wonderful movie site with all sorts of content: news, reviews, lists, interviews and more. Castor is the Editor-in-Chief and a complete news machine.

Jsick from SlickGaming. SG is a really cool gaming blog with some fantastic features/reviews on older titles, as well as new releases.

  • Worth Playing vol. 1 — a look at a few under-the-radar video games
  • Sunday Roundup — a weekly look at his latest video game hauls; it’s always fun to see what he is able to find

John from My Brain On Games. MBOG is a fun gaming blog that covers new and old titles alike. It’s a combination of full reviews, first impressions and weekly recaps — always good stuff.

I apologize for anyone who I have left off this short list, but rest assured that I am aware of who you are, and I am very appreciative of your support. This blog wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you. I hope everyone has a safe and fulfilling holiday weekend, and here’s to another awesome year!

10 thoughts on “A Time of Thanks

  1. rtm says:

    THANK YOU for the shout-out, man, you are too kind! Keep up the great work man, and I’m thankful to have ‘met’ you and found your blog, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. jsicktheslick says:

    Thanks for the callout, man! I appreciate the kind words about my blog. I feel like I should have made a post about your blog: it’s fantastic! I really do enjoy reading your movie and game reviews. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep on reading for sure!

    Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

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