Movies Watched [November 2011]

November was an interesting month for me. It started off a little slow film-wise, but quickly picked up near the end. My girlfriend and I did another round of our annual Thanksgiving movie marathon day, this time opting for a handful of classics: The Godfather 1&2, Casablanca and Grave of the Fireflies. Someday I will watch The Godfather Part III, but we were pretty burnt out on the saga after the second one.

In order of viewing (number represents year overall total, not this month):
178) Dancer in the Dark [2000]
Dancer in the Dark [2000]

179) Blade Runner [1982]
Blade Runner

180) Martha Marcy May Marlene [2011]
Martha Marcy May Marlene [2011]

181) The Night of the Hunter [1955]
The Night of the Hunter

182) Red State [2011]
Red State

183) Sunset Boulevard [1950]
Sunset Boulevard

184) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [1939]
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

185) Jaws [1975]
Jaws [1975]

186) Bad Teacher [2011]
Bad Teacher

187) Attack the Block [2011]
Attack the Block [2011]

188) Dark City [1998]
Dark City [1998]

189) Horrible Bosses [2011]
Horrible Bosses [2011]

190) Terri [2011]
Terri [2011]

191) The Godfather [1972]
The Godfather [1972]

192) The Godfather: Part II [1974]
The Godfather: Part II [1974]

193) Casablanca [1942]
Casablanca [1942]

194) Grave of the Fireflies [1988]
Grave of the Fireflies [1988]

195) The Descendants [2011]
The Descendants [2011]

196) Melancholia [2011]
Melancholia [2011]

197) Crash [2004]
Crash [2004]

14 thoughts on “Movies Watched [November 2011]

  1. Pete says:

    Can’t wait to see Red State and MMMM. I recently saw Dancer in the Dark for the first time and am very curious to see Melancholia! All in all a pretty great film watching month by the looks of things!

    • Eric says:

      Red State was a disappointment, but MMMM is worth seeing. Melancholia is a very interesting film — I plan on writing a review for it soon. Aside from a couple duds, it was a pretty good month. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Eric says:

      I used subtitles. 🙂 They helped quite a bit.

      December should be a great month! I will be wrapping up the movie project — just 13 left, I believe.

  2. Dan says:

    Ah, Sunset Boulevard…one of the great films from one of the great filmmakers Billy Wilder. I love that film!

    I haven’t seen Red State yet – looks “entertaining” based on that pic! 😉

    • Eric says:

      I fell in love with Sunset Boulevard. Such a fantastic film. After seeing that and Double Indemnity, I am eager to dig into Wilder’s catalog.

      Red State is a dud, unfortunately. Great concept, poor execution.

  3. themovieblogger says:

    Sounds like a good month. I saw Red State back in October, and I liked it. I also saw Terri and Attack the Block this month and REALLY liked them. I’m sure I’ll be talking about them when I make my year-end list.

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