Movies Watched [December 2011]

I wrapped up the end of the year with my biggest movie watching month yet — 26 in total! I made a mad dash to complete the 50 Movies Project, and squeezed in some trips to the cinema as well. All in all, it was a great month with only one poor film. I’ll let you guess which one that was…

In order of viewing (number represents year overall total, not this month):
198) The Big Sleep [1946]
The Big Sleep [1946]

199) The 400 Blows [1959]
The 400 Blows [1959]

200) Last Tango in Paris [1972]
Last Tango in Paris [1972]

201) The Maltese Falcon [1941]
The Maltese Falcon [1941]

202) Once Upon a Time in the West [1968]
Once Upon a Time in the West [1968]

203) The Thin Red Line [1998]
The Thin Red Line [1998]

204) Mulholland Drive [2001]
Mulholland Drive [2001]

205) The Evil Dead [1981]
The Evil Dead [1981]

206) Crazy, Stupid, Love. [2011]
Crazy, Stupid, Love. [2011]

207) Hesher [2011]
Hesher [2011]

208) Beginners [2010]
Beginners [2010]

209) Million Dollar Baby [2004]
Million Dollar Baby [2004]

210) The Change-Up [2011]
The Change-up [2011]

211) Dare [2009]
Dare [2009]

212) You’re Gonna Miss Me [2005]
You're Gonna Miss Me [2005]

213) Hugo 3D [2011]
Hugo 3D [2011]

214) Shame [2011]
Shame [2011]

215) It’s a Wonderful Life [1946]
It's a Wonderful Life [1946]

216) The Prestige [2006]
The Prestige [2006]

217) Tokyo Story [1953]
Tokyo Story [1953]

218) Evil Dead II [1987]
Evil Dead II [1987]

219) Army of Darkness [1992]
Army of Darkness [1992]

220) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [2011]
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [2011]

221) The Seventh Seal [1957]
The Seventh Seal [1957]

222) Schindler’s List [1993]
Schindler's List [1993]

223) A Hard Day’s Night [1964]
A Hard Day's Night [1964]

16 thoughts on “Movies Watched [December 2011]

  1. Scott Carmichael says:

    Amazing you were able to watch so many movies. Lots of good ones there for sure. You have a very varied tastes! That’s a good thing!

    BTW – Since you’ve probably seen a billion movies already, I’ll name a few I keep coming back to again and again that you may have never watched:

    Best foreign film I’ve seen in ages…

    • The Twilight Samurai (2002 – Foreign)

    And my favorite film of ’11 so far…

    • Margin Call (2011)

    I wish I had seen as many movies as you this year! When I get ready to at night, I usually doze off or watch some less brainy TV series instead 😛

    • Eric says:

      Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the recommendations. I haven’t even heard of The Twilight Samurai, but just after doing a quick search it sounds like something I would really like. Margin Call has been on my radar this year, just haven’t had the chance to check it out. I’ll bump it up in my queue. Thanks again, man, and hope to see you around.

    • Eric says:

      Oh man, that’s a tough call. Hugo and Shame will almost certainly end up on my 2011 top 10 list. As far as the classics go, that’s even more difficult to narrow down, though It’s a Wonderful Life was the only one I gave a perfect 10 to. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed seeing that for the first time…

  2. rtm says:

    Wow, 26 movies in a month, way to go Eric! Well I got 20 Gregory Peck films in 2 months on top of other stuff I watched, but still, nowhere near your accomplishment! Nice combination of classic and contemporary films, too.

    I should check out The Big Sleep just to see Bogey and Bacall. I know Peck was their personal friend even during Bogey’s illness. Btw, were you gonna give one of Peck’s movies a try? I’d be happy to give you some recommendations 😀

    • Eric says:

      Hey, 20 Gregory Peck films in two months is an impressive accomplishment! I would like to see more of his work, and I will probably catch To Kill a Mockingbird in the near future. What else would you recommend after that? You are quite the expert now 🙂

  3. Dan says:

    I also watched Beginners and The Change-Up in December. I was very impressed by Beginners – a romantic film that isn’t predictable or derivative, a refreshing change. On the other hand The Change-Up was completely unoriginal with a lackluster second half.

    • Eric says:

      Agreed on both fronts. Beginners was a splendid little film with top notch acting from Christopher Plummer. The Change-Up, well, it set the tone during the opening with that repulsive baby diarrhea scene. Just terrible.

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