Ranking the 50 Movies Project: #50-26

As part of my 50 Movies Project wrap-up, I have decided to go through and rank all 50 movies from top to bottom. These rankings are mostly based on my enjoyment of the films and not meant to be a representation of what is “better” than the others. It was very challenging to rank these, and ultimately it probably was an utterly pointless exercise, but I love ranking/rating movies. Here are numbers 50-26:

Crash [2004]

50) Crash [2005]
The only film I truly did not like in the project, and it’s a Best Picture winner, no less.

8 1/2 [1963]

49) 8 ½ [1963]

Exceptional style, but the stream-of-consciousness narrative did not appeal to me.

Last Tango in Paris [1972]
48) Last Tango in Paris [1972]

Controversial with a fantastic performance from Marlon Brando, but not much substance overall.

Akira [1988]
47) Akira [1988]

Slick looking anime that was difficult to keep up with.

Army of Darkness [1992]
46) Army of Darkness [1992]

Good, campy fun, but a cut below Evil Dead 1&2.

Dark City [1998]
45) Dark City [1998]

Intriguing neo-noir setting and sci-fi plot kept me entertained despite some questionable acting.

Annie Hall [1977]
44) Annie Hall [1977]

Pretty groundbreaking for its time, but doesn’t hold up as well today. Some terrific lines though.

Tokyo Story [1953]
43) Tokyo Story [1953]

A sad tale set in post-war Japan that demands attention (and patience).

Zodiac [2007]
42) Zodiac [2007]

David Fincher’s exhaustive piece is true to the period and boasts a stellar cast.

Million Dollar Baby [2004]

41) Million Dollar Baby [2004]

Strong boxing film that takes on a more depressing agenda in its final act.

Night of the Living Dead [1968]
40) Night of the Living Dead [1968]

The godfather of all zombie films is still startling today.

The Thin Red Line [1998]
39) The Thin Red Line [1998]

Beautifully-shot film that offers an entirely different war perspective than its peers.

Airplane! [1980]
38) Airplane! [1980]

The classic one-liners still bring the laughs, and who doesn’t love Dr. Rumack?

Wild Strawberries [1957]
37) Wild Strawberries [1957]

A unique look at one man’s life, and a film that seems to reward multiple viewings.

The Big Sleep [1946]
36) The Big Sleep [1946]

Bogart and Bacall are in splendid form in this Hawks/Chandler Film Noir.

Dancer in the Dark [2000]
35) Dancer in the Dark [2000]

Bleak and disturbing, but one hell of a unique musical.

The Exorcist [1973]
34) The Exorcist [1973]

Not just a great horror movie, but a great film, period.

Rome, Open City [1945]
33) Rome, Open City [1945]

My first Italian neorealist film; a surprising twist halfway through shocked the hell out of me.

The Hustler [1961, Rossen]
32) The Hustler [1961]

The movie that made me stand up and say “Paul Newman was the fucking man!”

Jaws [1975]
31) Jaws [1975]

The ultimate summer blockbuster.

Blade Runner
30) Blade Runner [1982]

One of the coolest environments I have seen in a movie.

The Magnificent Seven [1960]
29) The Magnificent Seven [1960]

An American adaptation of a Japanese film that is a classic in its own right.

The Bicycle Thief [1948]
28) The Bicycle Thief [1948]

An incredibly simplistic story, but a powerful one with an ending I will never forget.

The Asphalt Jungle [1950]
27) The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

Tough Film Noir with an epic heist scene.

Breathless [1960, Godard] 26) Breathless [1960]

My first French New Wave film and first Godard; still feels fresh today.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for numbers 25-1!

17 thoughts on “Ranking the 50 Movies Project: #50-26

  1. Jerri says:

    I have to say that you are one unique individual. I would never have thought to do something like that. I have never heard of some of the movies you watched, I want to know how you picked your 50 movies. I am really impressed!

    • Eric says:

      Hi Jerri, thanks for commenting! I selected these movies after getting input from a bunch of different sources. I used a lot of top film lists (like IMDB’s Top 250 and Roger Ebert’s Great Movies) and ideas from friends to put together the final list. My goal was to see a wide variety of significant films from all eras/genres. I think it worked out pretty well, though it did get exhaustive near the end.

  2. Michelle Alexander says:

    I’m impressed you had the time to watch the movies! I have seen some of these, so I guess I need to watch the rest!

    • Eric says:

      Haha yeah, this became a full-time hobby, especially after the project got off to a slow start. I had to find ways to make time for movies, and my sleep schedule may have suffered because of it. It was still a lot of fun, though.

  3. fogsmoviereviews says:

    So funny how this works. I read 25 to 1 first and I was like GREAT LIST! Then I read these and I’m like Jaws at 31! Are you crazy Eric?? Blade Runner’s only 30?? WTF!!


    Dude, it looks like you saw a LOT of awesome movies this year. You made some great great choices for this project, and youre a much stronger film fan for having seen all of these, for SURE. Ranking them and making tough choices are a bitch, I know.

    I WILL say “Grave of the Fireflies” better be the awesomest movie ever… you put it ahead of a lot of CLASSIC no seriously, CLASSIC films.

    Aside from that, my bump ups would be (well, obviously Jaws and Blade Runner, LOL)

    But also Exorcist and Aitrplane! and Night of the Living Dead

    And my drops ’em downs would be Back to the Future and Double Idemnity (great, but REAL high… you must be a big noir fan, huh?)

    Nice list!

    • Eric says:

      Hahaha thanks dude. Man, if you don’t like Grave of the Fireflies, there would have to be something seriously wrong with you. 😛 I was a little skeptical going into it since I didn’t know too much about it, but it was amazing. Hands down the best animated movie I have ever seen.

      I can understand the love for the other movies you mentioned, and I could see Blade Runner getting a boost in the future. I watched the theatrical cut for this project (a big mistake, according to some), so I would like to check out the final cut sometime soon. I enjoyed it quite a bit anyway.

      • fogsmoviereviews says:

        Oh dude. I was about to type HUGE mistake. But what the hell, obviously you watch a lot of flicks, no biggie. Ha!

        but yes. In my opinion the only version of Blade Runner is “The Final Cut”. It’s 100x the film the original was… I dont want to get started (BR is a big love of mine) but Scott suffered some pretty massive studio interference on the original release.

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