Poll Results: Best ‘Best Picture’ Winner from the 2000s

Tough competition in this one, but there was one clear winner for the best ‘Best Picture’ winner of the 2000s:

The Lord of the Rings

– The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: 9 votes
– Gladiator: 6 votes
– No Country for Old Men: 5 votes
– The Departed: 2 votes
– Slumdog Millionaire: 2 votes
– Million Dollar Baby: 1 vote
– A Beautiful Mind, Chicago, Crash and The Hurt Locker: 0 votes

I must say I am a little surprised by this outcome. I thought No Country for Old Men would find a way to win, but the LOTR fans were loud and made sure their voices were heard. I shouldn’t have underestimated you guys, but hey, at least Crash didn’t get a single vote! πŸ˜€


I am changing gears a little bit this week. Instead of the usual movie poll, I am going the TV route. HBO consistently puts out amazing shows from all sorts of genres. My question for you is, what is your favorite HBO series? You don’t need to have seen all of them to be able to vote — just let us know your personal favorite.

Happy voting!

23 thoughts on “Poll Results: Best ‘Best Picture’ Winner from the 2000s

  1. fogsmoviereviews says:


    The new poll is nasty. Tough tough choices. I would go with Game of Thrones, but it hasnt been on that long… it could still collapse into suckitude.

    Gotta stick with the tried and true and go with The Wire.

    • Eric says:

      I had the exact same line of reasoning. Love Game of Thrones, but it’s still new and doesn’t have as many quality seasons as The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc. Maybe in a few years it would get my vote, but not now.

  2. sati says:

    Out of all th candidates neither particularly appeals to me though ROTK is for me one of the least deserving winners. I’d much rather prefer if the Oscar went to Fellowship of the Ring, which I thought was a much better film.

  3. The Blog of Big Ideas says:

    Surprising/disappointing poll results. Even though I enjoyed the last of the LOTF trilogy I do not think it to be the most deserving of Oscar winners in this group. I love Gladiator, The Departed and No Country for Old Men, but the latter was easily the best Academy-award winner of the last decade and one of the best films I’ve had the pleasure to watch.
    I also wish The Departed had gotten a couple more votes and maybe one or two for A Beautiful Mind.
    As for your next poll, I don’t have HBO so my vote is for The Game of Thrones because it’s the only one I’ve seen more than a couple of episodes of.

    • Eric says:

      Niels, I am right there with you. I would rank Gladiator, The Departed and No Country for Old Men all above LOTR as well. I figured The Departed would have got more votes…

  4. Gary Smith says:

    My selection never wins; I voted for Gladiator (love that movie).

    For the new poll I went with Game of Thrones, but I’m not a big fan of HBO’s original shows. I prefer Showtime and Starz for the original stuff, particularly Starz these days.

    • Eric says:

      I am a big fan of Gladiator as well.

      Showtime has some good stuff for sure, but I’m not familiar with anything from Starz. I know they have Spartacus, which I haven’t seen, but nothing else is coming to mind. What am I missing out on? I’m always up for some new shows.

      • Gary Smith says:

        Spartacus is by far my favorite (on any channel). Their new show Magic City is quite good. Boss is their other good show, but its next season won’t start until August.

        I liked Camelot a lot too, but they canceled it after one season. Shame, especially since it started to get really good at the end.

        • Eric says:

          Cool, thanks for the heads up. I planned to start Spartacus a while ago, but Netflix started messing with it on Instant Watch. They took down random episodes (including the beginning) and then got rid of it altogether. I’ll have to check if they put it back up…

    • Eric says:

      Yup, LOTR sure is an impressive trilogy. I’ll never forget spending a Thanksgiving day watching the extended editions back-to-back-to-back with my girlfriend. I am nowhere near as big a fan as she is, so I was pretty burnt out by about the halfway point, haha. Still good fun, though.

  5. Jaina says:

    I’m a little surprised about this actually. I remember there being a heck of a lot of backlash against Return of the King because of its “multiple” endings.

    This time, I’ve gone for Game of Thrones. It was a tough choice between that, Sopranos and The Wire, but what I love about GoT is that it’s made it “cool” to like watching fantasy shows. It’s a fantasy show in disguise!

    • Eric says:

      You’re absolutely right on that last statement, Jaina. I was apprehensive about watching Game of Thrones because I’m not much into fantasy, but I am loving the show so far! Very, very entertaining.

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