Top 10 Films from 2012 — So Far

Now that we’ve wrapped up the first 2/3 of the year, we’re going to be getting into the REAL good stuff for the fall/winter. Movies seem to get their best releases near the end of each year, and 2012 also fits that mold with plenty of heavyweights coming soon. Still, there have been a lot of great releases so far this year, and more than a few should hold up on the inevitable year-end lists. Here are my top 10 favorites through August:

Honorable Mentions:
The Woman in Black — Slow-paced but atmospheric horror with a great performance from Daniel Radcliffe.
The Grey — Liam Neeson as a wolf hunter. ‘Nuff said.

Haywire [2012]

10) Haywire

Sorely underrated action flick. Worth seeing just to watch Gina Carano kick Michael Fassbender’s ass.

Prometheus [2012]

9) Prometheus

The marketing campaign probably raised our expectations too high, but this was still a fun sci-fi adventure that provided endless discussions throughout the summer.

The Avengers [2012]

8) The Avengers

Can’t ask for a much better blockbuster to kick off the summer. Fans of the comics no doubt loved this even more.

The Intouchables [2011]

7) The Intouchables

Doesn’t really give us anything new, but Omar Sy provides arguably the most entertaining performance of the year.

Cabin in the Woods [2012]

6) The Cabin in the Woods

Entertaining throughout, but really kicks into gear during the final act. A real treat for horror fans.

Take This Waltz [2011]

5) Take This Waltz

Possibly this year’s most polarizing film. I really enjoyed this one, perhaps because I could relate to most of the characters.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

4) Beasts of the Southern Wild

Easily the most unique of this year’s films, and it comes from a group of veritable newcomers, no less.

Moonrise Kingdom [2012]

3) Moonrise Kingdom

Hey, maybe there’s something to this Wes Anderson guy after all. The movie that made me a fan of his work.

The Dark Knight Rises [2012]

2) The Dark Knight Rises

I can’t ask for a better conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Epic in every sense of the word.

The Master [2012]

1) The Master

People will be talking about this for a long time. Guaranteed.

So, what do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? What are your favorites from this year so far?

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Films from 2012 — So Far

  1. truemistersix says:

    Got to say – completely disagree with you on Haywire.

    Everything else I’d line up with; only thing is I’ve not seen The Master yet…

    • Eric says:

      I liked The Hunger Games but it wasn’t quite up to these ten, I don’t think. I’m thinking I would have enjoyed it even more if I were a fan of the book, though.

      • tenaciousbitch says:

        Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of what was in the book wouldn’t translate to film b/c it was Katniss’s internal monologue AND so much happened in the 1st book that wasn’t in the film, it didn’t quite have the same depth of characterization and detail. However, it was already 2 hours and 2 minutes. There’s no way they could’ve included everything. Maybe, the second one will be better…

  2. Chris says:

    Great, varied list, Eric. The Master seems remarkable, can’t wait!

    I haven’t been won over by Wes Anderson yet, I find his movies uneven and too quirky, from what I’m hearing,maybe Moonrise Kingdom is his magnum opus

    Glad to see Prometheus make the cut, that movie got way too much hate, I found it a suspenseful ride. It was made to entertain us, and did the job for me.

    ps Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret is the best new movie I’ve watched in 2012. (I guess technically it was a 2011 release)

    • Eric says:

      Thanks, Chris. I hope you give Moonrise Kingdom a shot. While I haven’t seen all of Anderson’s work yet, it’s easily my favorite from him so far.

      Margaret is one I need to see, along with a few others (Bernie, Magic Mike, Killer Joe). All films with proper names in their titles. 😀

    • Eric says:

      Yeah, it would be interesting to compare your top ten before and after the festival. Sound of My Voice, eh? Will be sure to check that out.

  3. ruth says:

    I still haven’t seen half from your list, Eric but I’m hoping to catch Beasts of the Southern Wild and The Master before year’s end. The other five I totally agree with.

    • Eric says:

      Cheers, Ruth. I also recommend checking out The Intouchables — I have a feeling you would really enjoy that movie. Very heartwarming and a lot of fun.

  4. Shane says:

    nice list! gave me some ideas on what to watch next. I’m glad to see Cabin In The Woods there. I personally found Avengers more epic than The Dark Knight Rises though.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks, Shane. Yeah, I could definitely see how some would like The Avengers more. I just prefer the darker nature of TDKR. Both are great, though.

  5. sati says:

    Great list! I haven’t seen most of those movies, but I’m sure when I do I’ll like them. My favorite so far are TDKR, Prometheus and The Cabin in the Woods. Loved Haywire too, very underrated.

  6. ilovethatfilm says:

    Well dammit it looks like I’ve still got a hell of a lot to look forward to! I’ve only seen 4 of these. Going to see The Intouchables tomorrow night though so at least that’s 50%.

  7. Jaina says:

    Excellent list. Think I pretty much agree with almost all of those that I’ve seen, on the list. Mine would probably add in Headhunters, which I loved.

    Great seeing The Dark Knight Rises up there 😀 Really happy about that one!

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