Top 5 Video Games of 2012 — So Far

Yesterday I took at a look at the best movies to come out so far this year. Today, it’s video games. Now, there are a handful that I still need to play (Fez, Sleeping Dogs, The Witcher 2) but I am doing a better job this year at keeping up with the latest titles. Here are my top five video games so far for home consoles:

Journey [PS3]

5) Journey

More of an experience than a game, but it is one I will not soon forget.

The Walking Dead, Episode 1: A New Day [PS3]

4) The Walking Dead

This episodic series just keeps getting better and better. Blows away the TV show.

Trials Evolution [XBLA]

3) Trials Evolution

The perfect example of what a sequel should be: it improves upon the original in every way.

2) Max Payne 3

This Rockstar effort is better than most modern action flicks, with an unparalleled visual presentation, to boot.

Mass Effect 3

1) Mass Effect 3

This is the Dark Knight Rises of the Mass Effect trilogy. Not the best of the series, but still pretty damn good, and a satisfying conclusion to one of gaming’s best trilogies.

Thoughts? Am I missing anything that is an absolute must play so far?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Video Games of 2012 — So Far

  1. Anders says:

    You are very good at keeping up with the recent releases! I always have a problem; since I like to play one game a time (until finished) and time is a scarce resource hehe, so I tend to make long lists of things to play, instead of actually playing them…. Hence, I haven’t played almost anything new this year. I will check out Journey soon though, since that seems absolutely great!
    I have to become better to multi-task my gaming…

    • Eric says:

      Haha, I know the feeling, man. I try to stick to one game at a time, but it doesn’t take much for me to get sidetracked. 😀 I have still missed out on quite a bit this year, but I’m in better shape than last year.

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