Poll Results: Favorite Expendable + Weekend Roundup

Very close race this time, but we have a bit of an upset as the winner:

Jason Statham

– Jason Statham: 6 votes
– Bruce Willis: 5 votes
– Arnold Schwarzenegger: 4 votes
– Sylvester Stallone: 4 votes
– Jet Li: 2 votes
– Dolph Lundgren: 2 votes
– Chuck Norris: 2 votes
– Randy Couture: 2 votes
– Terry Crews: 1 vote
– Jean-Claude Van Damme: 0 votes
– Liam Hemsworth: 0 votes

So yeah, I totally underestimated Jason Statham’s popularity. I thought it would come down to one of the old-timers of Willis, Schwarzenegger or Stallone, but they couldn’t catch up to the man behind Crank and The Transporter. Poor JCVD didn’t even get a single vote either.

This Week’s Poll: I have been on a huge Richard Linklater kick lately, finally watching the fantastic combination of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Looking over his entire filmography, the man has made some great movies, and he is an incredibly talented director AND writer. This week my question for you is: what is YOUR favorite Richard Linklater film? There are certainly more than a few viable options here.

I decided to take Labor Day off like most of the rest of the country, and I had a pretty good weekend overall. Didn’t get out of town as I hoped, but I found the right combination of work/relaxation to get me through. For movies, I re-watched three:

There Will Be Blood — Even better the second time, a near flawless film. 10/10.
Batman [1989] — I hadn’t seen this since I was a kid, and I only remembered two scenes: Joker falling into the vat of acid, and his lethal handshake. Still pretty enjoyable after all of these years, and I plan on catching the sequel soon with some friends. 8/10
Traffic [2000] — I remember not being too impressed with this on my initial viewing, but I liked it quite a bit this time. Perhaps a bit too long, but the storylines are tied together seamlessly and the cast is as good as it gets. 8/10

New screenings:
Glengarry Glen Ross — Wow. Unbelievable screenplay backed by a phenomenal cast. I loved how Jack Lemmon’s character served as the basis for Gil on The Simpsons. Basically a theatrical play on film, but damn if it isn’t entertaining. 9/10
Before Sunset — Nine years later, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy pick up right where they left off. I think I may have enjoyed this one even more than Before Sunrise, but both are fantastic films, and the ending was brilliant. 9/10

How about you guys? See anything good over the weekend? Thoughts on any of these films? How about the winner of the poll?

18 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite Expendable + Weekend Roundup

  1. ruth says:

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming either, I really thought it’s be one of the 80s action heroes, ahah. So you just saw Glengarry Glen Ross for the first time? I still have to see that myself, especially for Mamet’s screenplay and Jack Lemmon!

  2. SDG says:

    Well Statham over everyone else. That’s…unusual. 🙂
    Love your list of movies. I haven’t seen Batman but love everything else in there. There will be Blood is just an incredible movie all around. I saw Glegarry couple of days ago too and yup, loved it too.
    Haven’t seen much of Linklater. Sunrise/Sunset(love them) and School of Rock(HATE Jack Black). Based on that, I will probably go for Sunset.

    • Eric says:

      Haha, “unusual” is a polite way of putting it. 😉

      I’ve noticed we usually have pretty similar tastes in film, which is really cool. Loved both Glengarry Glen Ross and Notorious, which I just saw last night. I’m also with you on Linklater — School of Rock is probably the only film I have seen from him that I didn’t like at all.

    • Eric says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to pick a favorite between Before Sunrise/Sunset. I think I prefer the sequel because of its fantastic ending, but they are both a 9/10 for me.

      Haven’t heard of The Dreamers. I’ll have to look that up!

  3. ilovethatfilm says:

    Dammit Statham beats Willis??? Crazy world. And I missed the Linklater vote. I hope Dazed and Confused won. Big Lebowski and True Grit for the win this week!

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