Poll Results: Best Horror Movie Villain

Freddy Krueger

– Freddy Krueger: 12 votes
– Jason Voorhees: 4 votes
– Michael Myers: 4 votes

This one was never in doubt. Nothing against Jason or Michael, but it’s hard to beat Freddy.

This Week’s Poll: As we wrap up October, I have one more horror-themed poll for you guys. The 2000s have given us a number of great horror films, both from the U.S. and elsewhere, and I would like to hear what YOU think is the best. Since there are so many options, I am allowing for two votes. Make them count!

What do you guys think of Freddy winning? And what will you be voting for this time?

19 thoughts on “Poll Results: Best Horror Movie Villain

  1. Fogs' Movie Reviews says:

    I dunno. Freddy is great in concept, colorful and has a great, far more colorful design, etc. But in the later movies he was cracking jokes like Henny Youngman. Meh.

    Meanwhile, some great choices there… some I havent seen. But I’ll go with Saw and Paranormal Activity. I know the latter is divisive, but thats one of the few horror films that actually scared me… that always winds up getting a movie extra points!

    • Eric says:

      To be fair, I think most horror villains become parodies of their former selves at some point down the road. 🙂

      I’m with you on Paranormal Activity, though. That is one freaky movie, and it’s one of my favorite horror films from the last few years.

  2. Chris says:

    Best horror of the 2000s? I’m temped to go with The Descent & REC. I could just as easily choose Paranormal Activity and The Ring. Tough only picking two 🙂 The “other” choice for me is Lars von Trier’s Antichrist.

  3. The Heretic says:

    I love the original Nightmare On Elm Street. I even admit to liking the remake a bit. Jackie Early Haley did a pretty good job as Freddie, but I still favor Robert Englund in the role.

    I went with The Orphanage for the current poll because I have been digging a lot of Guillermo Del Toro’s work as well as the work of those around him. My favorite Del Toro film has to be 1993’s Cronos.

  4. John says:

    My “Other” choice would’ve been Shaun of the Dead. BUT… since it’s not there, I went with Let the Right One In and Trick ‘r Treat. There are a lot more on that list I considered, too- Inside, Paranormal Activity, The Ring… Heck, I could’ve seen Cloverfield on this list, too.

    My hunch is that Saw will win because of familiarity… and it’s the last one I’d vote for off that list. (sorry… I’m kind of a hater when it comes to that movie; my apologies for being the negative douchebag)

    • Eric says:

      I had a feeling you would vote for Trick ‘r Treat. I probably should have included Shaun of the Dead (and Zombieland, Cabin in the Woods, etc.) but I opted to include “straight” horror films and not comedy-horror.

      No need to apologize about Saw. It’s definitely a “hate it or love it” type deal.

  5. sati says:

    The best horrors of 00’s for me are The Descent and The Ring – first one is really scary and great mix of survival and psychological horror and the latter made an ordinary object something to be scared of. That’s something the best horrors do.

  6. Anders says:

    I have to vote for The Ring and Paranormal Activity for this week’s poll, since they are the best of the pure horror movies. For example Drag Me to Hell is also a great movie, but it was not so scary, it was more of a action/adventure/scary-experience. Same with Let the Right One In, it is also a great movie (although the book is MUCH better, you should read it!. Scary as hell!), but the movie was not too scary, is was more a nice story, beautiful scenes and some shocking parts. Saw on the other hand, is that horror? That is more about “I cannot stand to see this scene, aaah! he is sawing of his hand…”, and that is not scary either in my eyes, that is more about shock value. Hehe, maybe too deep about horror movies, but I like them, but the “real horror movies” (in my eyes) are so few! Thanx for the great horror coverage during Halloween and before. Always a treat to read your blog! 🙂

    • Eric says:

      Thanks man, it has been a blast indulging in horror lately. And I like the reasoning behind your votes. Horror is such a wide, encompassing genre that it helps to have a clear vision of what you like. You definitely nailed two of the scariest films on the list — great choices!

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