Poll Results: Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter

Well, this one was rather lopsided.

Lord of the Rings

– Lord of the Rings: 15 votes
– Harry Potter: 7 votes

It was looking like Lord of the Rings could shut out Harry Potter — I believe the votes were 10-0 at one point — but fans of the latter showed up to make this at least somewhat competitive. When it comes to fantasy, it just doesn’t get any better than LOTR.

This Week’s Poll: In lieu of the usual movie-related poll, I have a simple question for all of you this week, and everyone should be able to answer. When it comes to computers, do you prefer Mac, PC or Linux? I believe there are merits to all three, but I stand firmly in one camp (which I may reveal next week). I’m really curious to see how this plays out, especially as I know some of you are rather tech-savvy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

18 thoughts on “Poll Results: Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter

  1. VictorsMovieReviews says:

    Going to your question about Mac, PC, or Linux,

    I debated this question ten years ago now I went with Mac. I was getting tired my work PC constantly having issues whether it was programs crashing, the blue screen of death, viruses. At the time I was leaning towards Linux but decided against it. I did not want to become a programer. I finally bought a 17″ Mac Powerbook and it lasted eight years. The only reason I replaced it was because Apple was no longer supporting its Motorola processor and the lack of HD was starting to be an issue. I recently (within the last twelve months) purchased a 15″ Mac Book Pro and have had no complaints. With both Mac products I easily created/edited slide shows and videos, and even edited my wedding video with the programs that come with the computer or an inexpensive purchase of iLife.

    If you are debating a purchase of a computer, I would be wary of anything installed with Windows 8. There has been compatibility issues with the operating system and the actual computer hardware. Do you research before you buy.

    • Eric says:

      Glad to hear your Mac Book lasted for so long. My girlfriend has had hers for three years without any problems until just recently — now the battery won’t hold a charge. Apparently a replacement battery is $120-130. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

      As for Windows 8, I definitely agree on that. It’s best to wait a year or two to try out any new OS because more often than not there will be some devastating bugs early on.

  2. The Heretic says:

    Since I do a lot of music and audio production, along with a little video production, I went with a Mac. I run an old tower with Peppermint Linux for the sole purpose of playing arcade roms on it. I do like seeing options besides the two big ones, seeing the Amiga/Commodore crowd slowly picking up is pretty cool too.

    • Eric says:

      That’s a cool idea to set up a Linux machine for gaming purposes. I love that Linux has so many variants — there’s bound to be something for everyone.

      • The Heretic says:

        That is the reason I like it as well. It is nice to see options so those who cannot afford a new computer has a way to have a new operating system without having to completely upgrade their old computer or go completely broke trying to buy a new PC/Laptop/Tablet when they cannot afford to do so. Or at least allow those who want something different besides a Mac or Windows machine can either have a Linux OS or buy an Amiga/Commodore since they are making them again.

        • Eric says:

          I wasn’t aware that the Amiga/Commodore are being made again. That’s pretty cool.

          I have a few old PCs sitting at home that I plan on wiping and installing with Linux, then selling them for cheap. Best way to get mileage out of the old units, I think.

  3. Tim The Film Guy says:

    Nerds should always pick Lord of the rings!
    And i am a bit tech savy what with being a programmer and i am in the PC corner although i do own all three so i understand all sides, depends what u use them for really ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Morgan R. Lewis says:

    I’m a programmer, and of late, all have become usable machines, with the Linux distros getting better about usability and the Macs getting better about efficiency (the 90s era Macs were terrible in terms of processing capability), and the Windows boxes, well… I have to admit I haven’t used a Windows OS since Windows XP, which is what my home computer runs. Just haven’t needed to upgrade since I don’t yet have a 64-bit machine (I want to upgrade, but haven’t been able to sink the small fortune into a new machine I sank into this one 8 years ago. Still holds up well, though; that’s what paying top dollar gets you.)

    I’ll note that I’ve never had a BSoD on this machine, nor any system wide lock-ups. Or viruses for that matter. Most computers can do pretty well with some good maintenance.

    • Eric says:

      Yeah, I think Windows gets an unnecessary bad rep from most people. Sure, it can be more susceptible to viruses, but all it takes is basic maintenance and common sense to avoid most problems. Make sure everything is updated, use a reliable anti-virus, etc. That’s not to say I haven’t ran into problems over the years, but Windows seems to be a hell of a lot more reliable now than it used to be.

      BTW, upgrading to Windows 7 is totally worth it. I was stuck with Vista for years, and finally being able to use W7 has been very rewarding. Love this OS.

      • Morgan R. Lewis says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard W7 getting praise even from Mac users, which is no mean feat.

        Truthfully, even the susceptibility to viruses of Windows is overblown — the main reason it’s so susceptible is that there are simply more of them, which isn’t because it’s easier to target, but because it’s a much bigger target. When your goal is “havoc”, you don’t go after the smaller group.

  5. ruth says:

    I like HP but I voted for LOTR hands down.

    I voted for Mac as I’ve always used it since college (I’m in graphic design) though I do have a clunker PC at work, too, for testing. Let’s just say I won’t ever move over to the ‘dark side.’ Heck I won’t even go into Microsoft store that’s exactly in front of Apple at Mall of America, ahah.

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