Poll Results: Favorite Stanley Kubrick Film

Despite a wide variety of votes, the winner was never really in question:

The Shining

– The Shining: 10 votes
– Dr. Strangelove: 8 votes
– 2001: A Space Odyssey: 5 votes
– A Clockwork Orange: 5 votes
– Full Metal Jacket: 4 votes
– Fear and Desire: 2 votes
– Barry Lyndon: 1 vote
– Killer’s Kiss: 1 vote
– Paths of Glory: 1 vote
– Spartacus: 1 vote
– Eyes Wide Shut: 0 votes
– Lolita: 0 votes
– The Killing: 0 votes

No real surprise on the winner, but I did find it interesting that the lesser-known Fear and Desire managed to snag two votes. I take it that it’s worth tracking down? How about that great showing by Dr. Strangelove? Nice to see that finish second. No love for Eyes Wide Shut or The Killing though?

This Week’s Poll: With Oz the Great and Powerful opening over the weekend, now seems as good of time as any to have a poll based on its director, Sam Raimi. What two films do you rank as Raimi’s best work? Are you an Evil Dead fan? Love the Spider-Man series? How about Drag Me to Hell? Let’s hear what you think!

Have a great week everyone!

20 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite Stanley Kubrick Film

  1. georginaguthrie says:

    OH, I missed the voting for this one, damn! My vote goes to the Shining. Or maybe Dr Stragelove, both amazing films. Did you know Roger Ebert only gave A Clockwork Orange 2 stars, and Full Metal Jacket 2.5 stars! Harsh 😉

  2. jackdeth72 says:

    Hi, Eric and company:

    ‘The Killing’ revealed very early on what Kubrick was capable of story wise. ‘Paths of Glory’ showed his upcoming potential with camera locations, angles and heights. Where ‘Dr. Strangelove’ is the culmination of all of these factors. And his deft touch at Nightmare scenario black comedy.

    Kubrick’s career was an ever expanding work in progress, Always finding something new to play and tinker with behind the camera.
    Baring the soul of a poet with his candle iit camera work in ‘Barry Lyndon’. Which is a lush and elegant Victorian painting brought to life.

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Well said as always, Jack. I think The Killing is one of his more underrated works — its influence is seen in many films, most notably Reservoir Dogs. I still need to watch Barry Lyndon, but I’ve got it queued up soon for my project.

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