Poll Results: Favorite Baseball Film + The Warning Sign Update

A recent film stands tall as the winner:


– Moneyball: 8 votes
– The Sandlot: 6 votes
– Bad News Bears [original]: 5 votes
– Bull Durham: 3 votes
– Field of Dreams: 3 votes
– A League of Their Own: 3 votes
– Major League: 2 votes
– 61*: 1 vote
– Eight Men Out: 1 vote
– Fever Pitch: 1 vote
– Rookie of the Year: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– It Happens Every Spring: 1 vote
– Major League II: 1 vote

Some really interesting votes this time around. I expected a better turnout for Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, but it seems that *everyone* loves Moneyball. No complaints here, as any film based on sabermetrics that manages to also appeal to the non-baseball fan crowd is worthy in my book.

This Week’s Poll: As many of you know, last week brought us the series finale for the U.S. version of The Office. While the show suffered in its last couple years, it still had a hell of a run, and it was sad to see it go. In honor of one of the best TV sitcoms of the 2000s, I want to know who your favorite characters of The Office are. Since there are just so many characters, I’m making this a pick two.

The Warning Sign Update: Things have been slow around these parts, as the hustle and bustle of summer has given me little time to devote to blogging. Between going out of state and having friends and family visit here, my free time has been minimal. However, this week is looking better, and I hope to begin sharing regular content from this point on. Thanks to all who still visited during the lull — I greatly appreciate every single one of you!

Have a great week!

24 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite Baseball Film + The Warning Sign Update

  1. sati says:

    YEY for Moneyball! I have to vote for Dwight and Michael since their reluctant bromance was so hilarious but there were so many awesome characters – Stanley, Daryl, Kevin, Creed!

  2. Gary Smith says:

    Never saw Moneyball, will have to give it a watch sometime.

    As for this weeks poll, I went with Michael and Pam. Dwight’s a good character, but I like Pam.

  3. ruth says:

    Ah, that’s why you’ve been MIA lately 😀 I didn’t vote last time as I hardly watch baseball movies but this time I went for Carrell and Krasinski.

  4. The Blog of Big Ideas says:

    My breaks when it comes to blogging are a lot more frequent, longer and I certainly produce a lot less content than fellow bloggers like yourself whenever I find myself around these parts. It’s a struggle for me too, one that seems to be way over my head most of the time. Lets hope it changes at some point and my life becomes a little more permissible.

    As for the poll, I didn’t have the chance to vote, but it wouldn’t have changed anything since I would have cast my ballot for Moneyball as well. To me there’s no discussion in this matter. Moneyball is far and away the best baseball film I’ve ever seen, and one of the best sport-related films of all time. It’s only behind A Separation in my list for 2011, and it’ll probably find a spot in my soon-to-come Top 250 favorite films.

        • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

          Hah, I know exactly what you mean. I started a preliminary list of my top 100 favorites a while back but I can’t imagine ever finishing it. So many films I feel I need to watch again to see if my opinion has changed, not to mention all of the classics I still need to see…

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