Poll Results: Best Vietnam War Film

We had a pretty good turnout for this poll, and it resulted in a surprising tie:


– Apocalypse Now: 11 votes
– The Deer Hunter: 11 votes
– Full Metal Jacket: 8 votes
– Platoon: 6 votes
– Born on the Fourth of July: 2 votes
– Good Morning, Vietnam: 2 votes
– Coming Home: 1 vote
– Hamburger Hill: 1 vote
– We Were Soldiers: 1 vote

I guess my initial prediction of Apocalypse Now and Platoon finishing 1-2 was way off here. Did not expect so many fans of The Deer Hunter to show up, but I’m not complaining. That is a hell of a film right there. Nice to see a handful of others get some votes as well.

This Week’s Poll: Sticking with movies this week, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Matthew McConaughey’s career. The man has had an impressive resurgence lately, and it had me thinking about some of his best roles. What are your TWO favorite Matthew McConaughey movies? Are you a fan of his early work, a la Dazed and Confused and A Time to Kill? Did you enjoy his romcom period? Or are some of his recent films already on your list of favorites?

Have a great week, folks!

20 thoughts on “Poll Results: Best Vietnam War Film

  1. Fogs' Movie Reviews says:

    All is right with the world…. at least as far as last week’s results go.

    Meanwhile, no Tropic Thunder? Booo…. Rum Tum Tuggernauts, it’s the Pecker… you got time for your agent? LOL.

    Ok, well… Dazed is a must. I havent seen Mud yet, so where does that leave us? Killer Joe? Ok, Killer Joe. 😉

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Haha, yeah perhaps I should have included Tropic Thunder. But that’s what write-in votes are for. 🙂

      And yes, Dazed should be a mandatory vote for everyone. Mud didn’t make it to your local theater? It hit my dive-y cheap theater, which surprised the hell out of me. Usually they only get the major blockbusters.

  2. Frame Rates says:

    I’d have to go for 3rd and 4th as 1st and 2nd. The joint 1st picks are amazing films don’t get me wrong, but are they about Vietnam? Or just use the conflict as a backdrop?

  3. sati says:

    I have yet to see Dazed and Confused but I heard excellent things about it. I’m voting for Killer Joe, which I loved, and for The Paperboy, because it was so much fun and didn’t deserve such awful reviews.

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      What?!?!? You haven’t seen Dazed and Confused?? Haha, you need to get on that. It’s the perfect summer movie, too. So much fun.

      I like that you voted for The Paperboy. The film was kind of a trainwreck, but you’re right, it was a lot of fun to watch unfold.

      • sati says:

        Oh, I’m gonna definitely see it next week 🙂 The Paperboy was so much fun even if it was a mess, I really admired the performances there, especially Kidman.

  4. ruth says:

    Not surprised Apocalypse Now won. It got tons of mentions on my Memorial Day post. Seems like it’s a great war film, not just on Vietnam war.

  5. jackdeth72 says:

    Hi, Eric:

    Haven’t seen ‘Killer Joe’ yet. Though it is high on my list. With McConaughey, I’ll go with ‘Reign of Fire’ and ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’.
    With ‘Frailty’ a very close third.

    Not surprised with the top two Vietnam flicks. Though, I think there are better films from that era.

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Hi Jack, Killer Joe is a must see. It’s one of those films that will make you want to take a shower afterward just because it’s so damn filthy. It’s worth it though.

      I still need to see Reign of Fire, but I really enjoyed The Lincoln Lawyer. Great pick there.

  6. Chris says:

    Apocalypse Now & The Deer Hunter deserve the top spots in the poll, brilliant movies to watch again and again.
    I haven’t seen too many of Matthew McConaughey’s movies recently, though his performances in Bernie and Killer Joe were memorable, and I’m curious about Mud-with all the good reviews.

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