Poll Results: Favorite “Outstanding Drama” Emmy Nomination

Breaking Bad

– Breaking Bad: 12 votes
– Game of Thrones: 10 votes
– Downton Abbey: 2 votes
– Mad Men: 1 vote
– Homeland: 0 votes
– House of Cards: 0 votes

This was a close one all the way, and the last time I checked Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones were tied. It seems only fitting that Vince Gilligan’s show would finish first, right on the eve of one of the most-anticipated final seasons in TV history. August 11 cannot come soon enough! Too bad that Homeland and House of Cards were shut out, but that is some stiff competition.

This Week’s Poll: The latest Hugh Jackman/X-Men film, The Wolverine, topped the box office over the weekend, and it has been getting mostly positive reviews overall. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m glad to hear that most have enjoyed it. This week’s question is for the X-Men fans out there: what is your favorite X-Men film? Do you still think the original is the best? Do you prefer its first sequel, X2? Or do you feel The Last Stand is a misunderstood classic? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Have a great week, folks!

26 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite “Outstanding Drama” Emmy Nomination

  1. John says:

    Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, SCIENCE!!!

    Those top two are definitely my #s 1 and 2 on TV right now. And there’s kind of a big gap between them and #3 (Boardwalk Empire).

      • John says:

        BWE is a show that I want to like so much more than I do because the subject matter is awesome, and so are the people involved with making it (Scorsese, Buscemi, Shannon, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kelly McDonald…). But it’s just not quite in that elite level.

        And, if I’m being honest, I think Justified is gaining on it big-time.

        • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

          Yeah, sometimes it feels like BWE is so desperately trying to reach the level of say, The Sopranos, but it’s missing a certain something. But you’re right, the cast is amazing and it’s worth watching just for them alone.

          Justified, eh? I might have to start that next.

          • John says:

            Justified is kind of a breath of fresh air from Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, and really most premium cable drama, if only because it’s fun. (ok, I think BB and Sopranos were fun, too, but with Justified, it’s their primary goal)

            For the first 1 1/2 seasons, I thought Justified was kind of lame, just another cop procedural thing. But then it started fleshing out secondary characters and it’s really found its stride at the end of season 2, and all during seasons 3 and 4.

            • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

              Hmm, yeah I’ll have to check that out then. It’s one of those shows that I have heard is good, but I don’t know anyone that watches it so it keeps falling out of my radar.

              And I know exactly what you mean about wanting something “fun” sometimes. I just started watching Firefly for the first time, and I am enjoying it a hell of a lot more than I expected. It’s a nice alternate from the usual heavy-hitters I watch.

  2. sati says:

    Normally I’d agree that Breaking Bad is an awesome show but that last season was seriously underwhelming for me. I don’t like X men films too much but First Class was the most enjoyable, the next one seems like it will be amazing, especially with that cast!

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Oh wow, really? I thought last season was really strong for Breaking Bad, even with that ridiculous train heist scene. 😛

      Agreed about X-Men though. The only one that I really, really liked was First Class.

  3. Chris says:

    The Last Stand is pretty underrated I think, thematically I find it interesting. Although maybe other X-men films are better for action or story. I liked First Class too.
    The weakest for me is X-men Origins(the one with Liev Schreiber), that was just plain boring.

  4. Jaina says:

    Glad to see Breaking Bad win this one. Feels like it should actually win too, great to see it go out with a bang.

    Tough poll this time. Toss up between First Class and X2. Went for X2. Both were excellent X-Men films and really looking forward to Days of Future Past.

  5. ruth says:

    Not surprised at all Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones were tied for some time! As for this week’s poll, I went w/ X-2 and First Class a close second 😀

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