Poll Results: Best Movie About Alcoholism

Leaving Las Vegas

– Leaving Las Vegas: 9 votes
– The Lost Weekend: 7 votes
– Bad Santa: 4 votes
– Days of Wines and Roses: 4 votes
– Flight: 4 votes
– Smashed: 2 votes
– 28 Days: 1 vote
– Julia: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– The World’s End: 2 votes (good call)
– Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle: 1 vote (gotta see this)

This poll was a fun one to keep an eye on. The last time I checked the results, the Oscar-winning The Lost Weekend had a sizable lead, but then the Nic Cage fans came roaring in. No complaints here — I saw Leaving Las Vegas for the first time this year, and it left a lasting impression on me. Also, Days of Wines and Roses has just shot up in my queue based on its performance here. Heard nothing but great things about that one.

This Week’s Poll: Let’s go back to video games this week. We’re slowly getting into the holiday season, and there are many, many big titles on the way. The fun starts next week with the release of Grand Theft Auto V (and its record-breaking $265 million budget), but it seems nearly every week there is going to be something worth playing. What TWO games are you most looking forward to this year?

14 thoughts on “Poll Results: Best Movie About Alcoholism

  1. John says:

    NOOOOOO! How did I miss this?!?!

    #1 and #2 are great, and I’d probably flip the order but keep them up top… but #1 for me will always be The Fire Within. (I’m sure you saw that comment coming a mile away)

  2. Chris says:

    Leaving Las Vegas is a great winner. It’s one of those movies I can rewatch every 5 years or so.

    The Lost Weekend is on my list, that it’s 2nd on the poll has encouraged me to move it higher up my queue!
    Keep an eye out for the opening credits of Days of Wine and Roses, just beautiful to look at, great performances too in that film.

  3. jackdeth72 says:

    Hi, Eric:

    Great results!

    And thanks for including my “Other” vote for “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle’. A well detailed period piece and critique of the famed Algonquin Circle alum. While telling a slow, gradual tale of alcoholism and its effects from a woman’s perspective.

  4. thomasoutt says:

    I would add to this one, Come Back, Little Sheba. It’s a slow film but the acting showcased Shirley Booth & Burt Lancaster, an unlikely combination, in a rare form of art & humanity that is a difficult watch, but an important one. I watch it about once a year & feel I get something more from it with each visit.

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