Poll Results: Most Anticipated 2013 Video Game + The Warning Sign is on vacation!

We have another tie:


– GTA V: 4 votes
– South Park: 4 votes
– Watch Dogs: 3 votes
– Beyond: Two Souls: 2 votes
– FIFA 14: 2 votes
– Gran Turismo 6: 2 votes
– Batman: Arkham Origins: 1 vote
– WWE 2K14: 1 vote

Interestingly enough, the new Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Killzone games received a grand total of zero votes. I love it. Nice to see some original IPs like Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls snag some votes, too. One thing’s for sure: there will be no shortage of quality games to play this fall/winter.

This Week’s Poll: By the time you read this today, I will be on my way to Denver, Colorado for a much needed vacation. It will be a short trip — just four days — but I am making the best of it by catching a baseball game, exploring the Rocky Mountains, and seeing my favorite band, The National, at one of the greatest music venues in the world: Red Rocks. In honor of my vacation, this week’s poll is: what are your TWO favorite road trip movies? This one’s tough, as there are *a lot* of great options. I put together a list of popular choices, but if you need more inspiration, I highly recommend checking out the Top 20 Road Films list at And So It Begins…

While I’m away, I have two posts prepped and ready to go, so there will still be content to read. It just might take me a little longer than usual to respond.

Have a great week, folks!

18 thoughts on “Poll Results: Most Anticipated 2013 Video Game + The Warning Sign is on vacation!

  1. Chris says:

    So many great road movies to choose from. The ones I’ve rewatched the most from your list are: Sideways, Easy Rider, Rain Man, Paper Moon, and Thelma & Louise. I’ll have to narrow it down to two 🙂

  2. ruth says:

    Have a fun vacation, Denver is not affected by the recent floods in Colorado right?

    Btw, I picked Planes, Trains & Automobiles & Thelma & Louise from this week’s poll 😀

      • ruth says:

        Hey glad to hear Eric! I’ve only been to Denver a couple of times, once it was for a web conference and there was a heat wave! Yeah, good timing then for you, I just kept hearing about the flood, so devastating. In any case, welcome back!

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