Month in Review [October 2013]

In order of viewing:
1) The War Zone [1999] – 8/10
The War Zone [1999]

2) The Long Goodbye [1973] – 8/10
The Long Goodbye [1973]

3) Amadeus [1984] – 8/10
Amadeus [1984]

4) Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans [1927] – 9/10
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans [1927]

5) Insidious [2010] – 7/10
Insidious [2010]

6) Beverly Hills Cop [1984] – 7/10
Beverly Hills Cop [1984]

7) Hatchet II [2010] – 6/10
Hatchet II [2010]

8) Apollo 18 [2011] – 4/10
Apollo 18 [2011]

9) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974] – 9/10
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974]

10) Gravity [2013] – 8/10
Gravity [2013]

11) Dawn of the Dead [1978] – 8/10
Dawn of the Dead [1978]

12) The East [2013] – 7/10
The East [2013]

13) The Purge [2013] – 5/10
The Purge [2013]

14) Hatchet III [2013] – 6/10
Hatchet III [2013]

15) The Bay [2013] – 5/10
The Bay [2013]

16) The Great Gatsby [2013] – 7/10
The Great Gatsby [2013]

17) [REC]³ Genesis [2012] – 7/10
[REC]³ Genesis [2012]

18) Re-Animator [1985] – 8/10
Re-Animator [1985]

19) A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]* – 8/10
A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]

20) The Collector [2009] – 6/10
The Collector [2009]

21) Dracula [1931] – 7/10
Dracula [1931]

22) Moon [2009] – 8/10
Moon [2009]

23) A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge [1985] – 5/10
A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge [1985]

Video Games Completed:
1) Defiance [Xbox 360, 2013] – 8/10
Defiance [Xbox 360, 2013]

2) Grand Theft Auto V [Xbox 360, 2013] – 10/10
Grand Theft Auto V [Xbox 360]

TV Shows Finished:
1) Weeds [Season 8] – 6/10
Weeds [Season 8]

2) Dexter [Season 6] – 6/10
Dexter [Season 6]

* denotes rewatch

Best of the Month: I had a lot of fun indulging in more horror than usual this month, but two films stood out above the rest: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (incredibly terrifying) and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (not horror, but a beautiful silent film). I also got sucked into the wacky world of Grand Theft Auto V, one of the better games to come out this year.

Worst of the Month: A handful of these horror films were middling at best, but Apollo 18 was clearly the worst of the bunch. The film’s payoff was a complete and utter joke, and it wasted a great concept.

What’s your favorite film/game/show out of those listed? What was the best movie you watched in October?

12 thoughts on “Month in Review [October 2013]

  1. tenaciousbitch says:

    Of the films you watched this month, my favorites would have to be DAWN OF THE DEAD and Dracula – though I like the remake of DAWN better than the 1978 version. Ving Rhimes just ROCKS that flick, and the story itself I think was greatly enhanced in the remake, but I won’t say anymore than that – in case you haven’t seen it.

    I thought Nightmare on El Street 2 was terrible!! It just seemed like a total rehash to me, kinda flat, ya know? Your thoughts? And what’d you think of Gravity? I’ve heard it’s fantastic, but every time I see the ad for it with Sandra Bullock out in space whining and gasping for air, I feel like I’m watching a spoof, but maybe the trailer just sucks.

    The best film I watched in October was the new STAR TREK – Into the Darkness! Absolutely fabulous!!! The script was fantastic. The acting superb…can’t really think of any criticisms at all.

    Have a good weekend and thanks for sharing all your cinema experiences! 🙂

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Hi Kennedy, always great to hear from you. I’m with you on Nightmare on Elm Street 2 — it wasn’t a good film, but it was strangely entertaining, especially given its unexpected homoerotic undertones. Very odd entry into the series.

      Gravity is actually a really good film. It’s not as amazing as most are saying, but I enjoyed it. It definitely should be seen on the big screen though… I’m not sure how well it will translate to home viewing.

      I still need to see the new Star Trek, but I’m glad to hear you liked it so much! I’m going to have to rent it soon.

      Have a great week!

      • tenaciousbitch says:

        Thanks, Eric. Yeah, you’re right. I’d forgotten about the odd sexual undertones in Elm Street 2 – very strange!! We have a 72″ TV, so I’m thinking Gravity might be okay on the home front – though I might go see it in the theater – depends on my workload. You know how that goes. Either way, glad you liked it (Gravity), and I’d definitely recommend the NEW STAR TREK! 🙂

  2. The Heretic says:

    The Reanimator and the original Nightmare On Elm Street were awesome! Especially Reanimator since I am a Lovecraft fan.

    Out of the Tom Hanks films I went with Splash and A League Of Their Own. I really do not consider That Thing You Do! as his film since he is playing more of a secondary character, as well as writing and directing it. I guess in a way it is HIS film, but from a main character standpoint I kind of don’t (if that makes any sense).

  3. The Blog of Big Ideas says:

    My favorite film in October was probably Gravity, closely followed by The Place Beyond The Pines and Holy Motors.
    I had another terribly busy end to the month, so I couldn’t watch as many films as I had planned, but I’m beginning to get to them this November.
    I’m going over to some of your reviews to see what I missed from you Eric. As usual, I’m impressed by the sheer amount of films/videogames you get to watch/complete in a month.

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