Poll Results: Favorite SNL Alumni


– Bill Murray: 13 votes
– John Belushi: 9 votes
– Dan Aykroyd: 7 votes
– Will Ferrell: 7 votes
– Chris Farley: 6 votes
– Kristen Wiig: 6 votes
– Tina Fey: 5 votes
– Bill Hader: 5 votes
– Fred Armisen: 4 votes
– Chevy Chase: 3 votes
– Eddie Murphy: 3 votes
– Andy Samberg: 3 votes
– Adam Sandler: 3 votes
– David Spade: 3 votes
– Jason Sudeikis: 3 votes
– Dana Carvey: 2 votes
– Norm McDonald: 2 votes
– Tracy Morgan: 2 votes
– Mike Myers: 2 votes
– Amy Poehler: 2 votes
– Chris Rock: 2 votes
– Jimmy Fallon: 1 vote
– Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 1 vote
– Seth Meyers: 1 vote
– Dennis Miller: 1 vote
– Gilda Radner: 1 vote
– Maya Rudolph: 1 vote

Whew. That’s a lot of votes! Pretty much everyone I listed in the poll received at least one vote, with most getting multiple selections. Not much of a surprise to see Bill Murray win out — he has been a long-time fan favorite, and he has put together an impressive resume since his SNL days.

This Week’s Poll: With Thor: The Dark World winning at the box office the last two weeks, it seems fitting to have a Marvel-themed poll. This week’s question is a pick two: what are the TWO best Marvel live-action films?

Have a great week, folks!

11 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite SNL Alumni

  1. The Blog of Big Ideas says:

    Looking over, I’m a little surprised that Murray beat Belushi, but then again, this is a film blog and it’s clear that Murray has the most impressive resume out of all of the SNL grads, at least when it comes to great films.
    As for next week’s poll, it’s telling for me to see so many average films listed, which says a little about the overall quality of the Marvel adaptations. My vote is for X-Men: First Class, by far the better of the X-Men films; and Iron Man, which still hasn’t been surpassed by the rest of the franchise and I doubt it will be.

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Yep, I think Murray had the edge because of his extensive filmography. Who knows what would have happened if Belushi hadn’t died so young.

      I’m with you on your two Marvel votes. First Class is my favorite of the series as well, and the first Iron Man is a lot of fun.

  2. Jaina says:

    Avengers and Iron Man. Well, I could have easily chosen any of those. Thor was a close second to Iron Man. But Iron Man sort of kicked the whole movie Marvel universe off. So, it’s got to be worth something, right? A solid origin story.

    Avengers was just so much fun.

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