Poll Results: Best Marvel Live Action Film


– The Avengers: 16 votes
– Spider-Man 2: 8 votes
– Iron Man: 8 votes
– The Amazing Spider-Man: 5 votes
– X-Men: First Class: 5 votes
– Spider-Man: 4 votes
– X2: 2 votes
– Thor: 2 votes
– Blade: 1 vote
– Captain America: 1 vote
– Iron Man 2: 1 vote
– X-Men: 1 vote
– The Punisher: 1 vote
– The Incredible Hulk: 1 vote
– The Wolverine: 1 vote
– Thor: The Dark World: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– The Rocketeer: 1 vote

No major surprises here. The Avengers was a huge success last year, with both audiences and critics loving it, and it had to be the odds-on favorite for this poll. Interesting to see so many other films get some votes as well, but no love for Howard the Duck?!?

Also, this is going to be the last poll for a while. Updates may be a bit more sporadic over here for the coming days, mostly due to the holidays and a change in my work schedule. Right now I still plan on finishing the 50 Movies Project by the end of the year, but reviews of new films and video games may have to wait. I’ll still be around — I just won’t be able to do near-daily posts anymore.

12 thoughts on “Poll Results: Best Marvel Live Action Film

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    Somehow I always seem to manage catching the results but missing the actual polls. These results are pretty close to looking like my top 5, though Thor: The Dark World might sneak up a little higher.

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