Month In Review [September 2014]

In order of viewing:
1) Master and Commander: Far Side of the World [2003] – 8/10
Master and Commander: Far Side of the World [2003]

2) Dead Silence [2007] – 3/10
Dead Silence [2007]

3) Waking Life [2001] – 8/10
Waking Life [2001]

4) Apollo 13 [1995] – 7/10
Apollo 13 [1995]

5) Philadelphia [1993] – 7/10
Philadelphia [1993]

6) Tape [2001] – 7/10
Tape [2001]

7) The Untouchables [1987] – 8/10
The Untouchables [1987]

8) The Aviator [2004] – 8/10
The Aviator [2004]

Video Games Completed:
1) Batman: Arkham Asylum [Xbox 360]* – 9/10
Batman: Arkham Asylum [Xbox 360]

2) South Park: The Stick of Truth [Xbox 360] – 8/10
South Park: The Stick of Truth [Xbox 360]

3) The Walking Dead: Season Two [Xbox 360] – 9/10
The Walking Dead: Season Two [Xbox 360]

* denotes replay

TV Shows Finished:
1) Veep [Season 2] – 8/10
Veep [Season 2]

2) Archer [Season 2] – 8/10
Archer [Season 2]

Best of the Month: Aside from one misfire which I will get to in the next section, I had a great (albeit slow) month of movie watching. Although I rated most of them similarly, I have to give the edge to Waking Life as my favorite of the group. Richard Linklater’s philosophical animated film raises a lot of intriguing thoughts and questions, though I can’t pretend to understand some of its more weightier segments. Definitely one I would like to revisit at some point. For video games, the second season of The Walking Dead was just as bleak and depressing as the first one, and I loved it pretty much all the way through. It doesn’t have a character on the level of Lee from season one, but it’s still an excellent followup, and I am very curious to see where the next season goes.

Worst of the Month: I have mostly enjoyed director James Wan’s past work (particularly Saw and The Conjuring), but Dead Silence is just an awful, awful film. It has a cliché-ridden plot, laughable performances (Ryan Kwanten and Donnie Wahlberg, ladies and gentlemen) and some seriously cringe-worthy dialogue. Worst of all, there is no sense of dread anywhere. Just very disappointing.

8 thoughts on “Month In Review [September 2014]

  1. Chris says:

    Been watching a few Linklater films I see! I love Tape, so well-written. Waking Life is a bit messy,nonetheless quite enjoyable and rewatchable. Both are in my top 10 for 2001. This week,I saw a trailer for a new doc about the director: 21 Years: Richard Linklater (2014), looking forward to that!

    For me the best of the month is a tie between Boyhood and the war film Come and see (1985)

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      I still haven’t had the chance to see Boyhood, and that’s partly why I decided to dig deeper into Linklater’s filmography. So far the only film I haven’t enjoyed from him is School of Rock, but I saw that years ago. I may have to revisit it at some point.

      Cool to hear Tape and Waking Life made your top ten!

  2. sati says:

    Walhberg was so seriously awful in Dead Silence but I did enjoy the movie, it scared the living shit out of me, the villain was so frightening and the dolls were so freaky!

  3. jackdeth72 says:

    Hi, Eric:

    You’ve been busy!

    Already weighed in positively on ‘Master & Commander’.

    Really liked Mr. Hanks’ work in ‘Apollo 13’. A well, close to perfectly cast and minutely detailed period piece on the space race, Made better by lower tiers, Ed Harris, Gary Sinise and Joe Spano masterfully ownng scenes and making them memorable. High marks for Ron Howard. For a Roger Corman cameo. Superb effects during the launch. And making the use of slide rules and “Whiz Wheels” suspenseful in key scenes!

    ‘The Untouchables’ defines the wisdom of Sean Connery and his smooth transition to supporting roles. While ‘The Aviator’ is a sometimes splashy tribute to one of America’s most misunderstood geniuses. Whose women in attendance are great to watch as they give and get as well as the men.

    Seen several YouTube clips on the guts and background for ‘Arkham Asylum’. A creepy idea first touched on it the 1980’s Animated series. Glad to see Kevin Conroy backs as Bats, And Mark Hamill as the Joker. Also nice to see Stana Katic (‘Castle’) brought in for Tatalia!

    Oh, and “Chemo Archer” season has some laugh out loud plots and stories. Along with excellent “Shoot ’em Up!” chemistry between Archer and Lana!

    • Eric @ The Warning Sign says:

      Hey Jack, definitely a busy month over here! Now if only I could make more time for writing.

      Loved the cast in Apollo 13, and the more intricate details during the space simulation scenes.

      The Untouchables and The Aviator were both winners in my book. Will have some brief reviews of them up this week.

      Arkham Asylum really nailed the dark atmosphere of the animated series, I think. If not for an ill-fated final boss battle against the Joker, it would have been damn near perfect. Still a phenomenal game, my favorite of the series.

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