Poll Results: Favorite Richard Linklater Film + Weekend Roundup

I had a feeling votes would be spread out, but I wasn’t expecting a three way tie! Here are the winners:

Dazed and Confused
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset

– Dazed and Confused: 3 votes
– Before Sunrise: 3 votes
– Before Sunset: 3 votes
– The School of Rock: 2 votes
– A Scanner Darkly: 1 vote
– Bernie: 1 vote
– Me and Orson Welles: 1 vote

If there’s one thing this poll proves, it’s that Richard Linklater has put out consistently great films for much of his career. I love all three of the winners myself, but Dazed and Confused is one of those rare films that absolutely nails its time period and high school setting. I am surprised that Slacker didn’t receive a single vote — where’s the love for early 1990s Austin, Texas?? It’s a conspiracy, man!

This Week’s Poll: While perusing topics for this week’s poll, I stumbled upon a poster for Barton Fink. This got me thinking about the Coen brothers and their impressive filmography. With so many excellent movies to their names, I am recommending everyone to vote for their top TWO favorite Coen brothers films. I have a feeling these results will be as scattered as Linklater’s.

The NFL is back, baby! I’m starting to think the fall is my favorite time of the year — the temps are cooling down but aren’t too cold, the leaves are changing, and Sundays are filled with pro football. Now, some of you may remember that I am a *huge* Detroit Lions fan, and this is only the second year that I can say that without grimacing. Their game against the St. Louis Rams over the weekend was an ugly one — QB Matthew Stafford shockingly looked like a rookie in the first half — but the team gutted it out and pulled off a huge comeback in the fourth quarter to seal the win, 27-23. They aren’t going to be able to do that against better teams, but I’m hoping they just needed to shake off some rust. Next week’s primetime game on the road against the San Francisco 49ers will be a real test, and based on their beatdown of Green Bay, I am not particularly optimistic about Detroit’s chances. But hey, it’s the NFL, and “any given sunday” and all that jazz.

Outside of football, it was a pretty busy weekend for me. I did manage to catch two films, the last two from Paul Thomas Anderson that I hadn’t seen: Magnolia and Hard Eight. I loved Magnolia, even though the final act was just batshit crazy. Did not feel like a three hour film at all. Hard Eight was pretty solid, too, and it was especially great to see Philip Baker Hall in the lead role. It’s clearly PTA’s weakest effort, though.

What did you guys see over the weekend? Any thoughts on the latest poll results or this week’s question?