Poll Results: Best Movie President

It was close, but the victor is a recent Oscar winner:

Daniel Day-Lewis [Lincoln]

– Daniel Day-Lewis [Lincoln]: 8 votes
– Peter Sellers [Dr. Strangelove]: 7 votes
– Frank Langella [Frost/Nixon]: 5 votes
– Harrison Ford [Air Force One]: 4 votes
– Bill Pullman [Independence Day]: 4 votes
– Morgan Freeman [Deep Impact]: 3 votes
– Michael Douglas [The American President]: 2 votes
– Kevin Kline [Dave]: 2 votes

The write-ins:
– Terry Alan Crews [Idiocracy]: 1 vote (an inspired pick!)
– Jeff Bridges [The Contender]: 1 vote (probably should have included him in the main list)
– Philip Baker Hall [Secret Honor]: 1 vote (wasn’t aware of this film, sounds like one I should see)
– That dude in Lincoln the vampire slayer?!: 1 vote (hah, well played!)

No major surprise that Daniel Day-Lewis won yet another prestigious award here, though I have to admit I was pulling for Peter Sellers to at least manage a tie. Love the write-in votes this week, especially Terry Crews. Nice work everyone!

This Week’s Poll: Over the weekend, Netflix added a huge collection of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows to their Instant Watch service, and this inspired me to stay up way too late on Sunday evening watching cartoons (after catching the season premiere of Game of Thrones, of course). This got me thinking about animated TV shows in general, and naturally a poll came out of this. My question for you is: what is the best cartoon series of all time? So we don’t necessarily get a landslide victory, I am allowing for three votes. What do you think? Is The Simpsons a lock here? Or can there be a March Madness-style upset in the making?