Poll Results: Favorite Alfonso Cuarón Film

Children of Men

– Children of Men: 10 votes
– Gravity: 3 votes
– Y Tu Mamá También: 3 votes
– Great Expectations: 2 votes
– Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 2 votes

This one was never in doubt. Children of Men is considered to be a modern classic by many, and it held the lead the entire time. I might have to ask the same question in the future — perhaps Gravity can make its way up to #1?

This Week’s Poll: Let’s go the horror route this week. Last year during October I asked several horror-themed polls, but there was one I neglected: what is your favorite type of horror film? I realize this is a pretty broad question, and many films can fit into multiple genres, but think about what you tend to gravitate toward in general. Are you a fan of the long-running slasher series like Halloween and Friday the 13th? Do you prefer more psychological films like The Shining or Rosemary’s Baby? Feel free to add in a different subgenre that I might have missed as well.