Poll Results: PC vs. Mac vs. Linux

PC, Mac or Linux? The winner:


– PC: 10 votes
– Mac: 7 votes
– Linux: 0 votes

Long live the PC! Thankfully we have grown from the days of large IBM computers with dual floppy disk drives, and it’s even better to have a variety of solid options these days. Windows is improving with every version (well, that remains to be seen with Windows 8), Macs has been reliable for years now, and Linux has all sorts of free distros to choose from. And with the advent of tablets and smartphones, we live in an exciting time for new technology.

This Week’s Poll: Let’s get back to movies this week. Since it’s now December, it’s time to bust out the egg nog, Christmas tree and (unfortunately) the holiday music. It’s also the best time of the year to watch Christmas films, of which there are quite a few annual classics. My question for you is: what is your favorite Christmas film? Since there are so many to choose from, I am allowing for TWO votes. Are there any that you watch every year?

Have a great week, folks!