Poll Results: Best Bruce Willis Film

Well, I’m sure we all saw this one coming:

Die Hard

– Die Hard: 12 votes
– Pulp Fiction: 9 votes
– The Fifth Element: 6 votes
– Twelve Monkeys: 3 votes
– Unbreakable: 3 votes
– Die Hard: With a Vengeance: 2 votes
– Moonrise Kingdom: 2 votes
– The Sixth Sense: 2 votes
– Armaggedon: 1 vote
– Hudson Hawk: 1 vote
– Last Man Standing: 1 vote
– Looper: 1 vote
– Sin City: 1 vote

This was Die Hard‘s to lose, wasn’t it? Still, nice to see so many of Bruce Willis’ movies get some votes. The man has had a great career, unnecessary Die Hard sequels be damned.

This Week’s Poll: I’m sure many of you watched the Oscars last night (as did allegedly over one billion people worldwide), and I would like to hear your thoughts on the event. More specifically, what did you think of Seth MacFarlane’s performance as host? Just from doing my morning reading, it sounds like the reactions are pretty mixed. I will go on record in saying that he was a much better host than the dreadful duo of Anne Hathaway and James Franco from two years back, and it was refreshing to not have a “safe” bet like Billy Crystal from last year. What did you think?