Poll Results: Best Horror Movie Villain

Freddy Krueger

– Freddy Krueger: 12 votes
– Jason Voorhees: 4 votes
– Michael Myers: 4 votes

This one was never in doubt. Nothing against Jason or Michael, but it’s hard to beat Freddy.

This Week’s Poll: As we wrap up October, I have one more horror-themed poll for you guys. The 2000s have given us a number of great horror films, both from the U.S. and elsewhere, and I would like to hear what YOU think is the best. Since there are so many options, I am allowing for two votes. Make them count!

What do you guys think of Freddy winning? And what will you be voting for this time?

Poll Results: Best Long-Running Horror Movie Franchise

Low turnout this time, but we still had a winner:

Nightmare on Elm Street

– Nightmare on Elm Street: 3 votes
– Friday the 13th: 2 votes
– Halloween: 2 votes
– Night of the Living Dead: 2 votes
– Saw: 2 votes
– The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 1 vote
– The Amityville Horror, Children of the Corn, Hellraiser, Puppet Master: 0 votes

Nearly thirty years and nine films later, Freddy Krueger still proves to be one of the kings of horror. Nice to see a smattering of votes for other series, all of which have had their shares of ups and downs.

This Week’s Poll: Sticking with the horror theme, I am asking a question that is not just limited to film. I want you to think of everything when answering this: films, books, video games, television, whatever. What is your favorite type of horror villain? I tried to include a wide variety of popular subjects, but if I overlooked something then please let me know! Will be interesting to see how this pans out. I feel as if some horror staples have lost their luster over the years (i.e. vampires thanks to Twilight, zombies thanks to over saturation, etc.), but perhaps their fans will remember the good days.

Special Music Announcement: I don’t write about music on here as often as I should, but I would like to share some big news regarding a talented, up-and-coming band from West Michigan. After over a year in the making, The Red Handed have released their long-awaited second EP, A Sudden Change of Scenery! The band has released the album for free online, and it can be streamed in its entirety at Bandcamp. Downloads are also allowed for a pay-what-you-want type deal. The Red Handed are often labeled as “post-hardcore” but they are hard to classify. Fans of Brand New, Circa Survive, Thrice and Coheed and Cambria really need to check this out!

That’s all from me today. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you do check out the EP, please share your thoughts in the comments.