Poll Results: Most Anticipated Early 2013 Film (Jan-Mar)

Let’s hope this one does not disappoint:

Gangster Squad

– Gangster Squad: 11 votes
– John Dies at the End: 6 votes
– A Good Day to Die Hard: 3 votes
– Beautiful Creatures: 2 votes
– The Last Stand: 2 votes
– Broken City: 1 vote
– Carrie: 1 vote (got pushed back to October)
– G.I. Joe: Retaliation: 1 vote
– Hansel and Gretel: 1 vote
– Jack the Giant Slayer: 1 vote
– Movie 43: 1 vote

The write-ins:
The Place Beyond the Pines: 2 votes (I really should have included this!)
The Great and Powerful Oz: 1 vote (can’t believe I forgot this either)
Mama: 1 vote (could be a winner thanks to Jessica Chastain)
Warm Bodies: 1 vote (a “romantic zombie comedy” — interesting)

Not surprised that Gangster Squad won — just look at that cast. Early reviews seem to be mixed so far, but I can’t imagine this being worse than most of the stuff we get in the early months. Great to see so much interest in John Dies at the End, which is apparently available on demand right now. Anyone seen it yet?

This Week’s Poll: The new poll is a reader request, and it couldn’t come at a better time now that Les Misérables is riding a wave of Oscar buzz. What do you think is the best stage-to-film musical adaptation? I’m allowing for two votes since there have been quite a few over the years.

Have a great week everyone!