Movie Project #40-44: Dirty Dancing, Being John Malkovich, A Christmas Story, Dances With Wolves, and Gomorrah

50 Movies Project #4: Contemporary Edition

The 50 Movies Project is an annual tradition at The Warning Sign. Every year, I select 50 movies that I feel I must see in order to continue my progression as a film lover. This year I’m focusing on contemporary films (1980 to present day) that I somehow haven’t gotten around to seeing yet.

Dirty Dancing [1987]
Dirty Dancing [1987]
I can see how this would be a “guilty pleasure” for some. I was honestly quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. It’s cheesy in all the right ways (“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”), the performances from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are infectious, and the dancing is oddly alluring. I do have to say it was a bit strange that raising money for an abortion was a central plot point, as that’s not something I would have expected from such a wildly popular movie like this. I wouldn’t call Dirty Dancing a great movie by any means, but it’s fun, and sometimes that’s all that is needed. 7/10
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