Month In Review [April 2015]

In order of viewing:
1) Jurassic Park [1993]* – 8/10
Jurassic Park [1993]

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Month In Review [September 2014]

In order of viewing:
1) Master and Commander: Far Side of the World [2003] – 8/10
Master and Commander: Far Side of the World [2003]

2) Dead Silence [2007] – 3/10
Dead Silence [2007]

3) Waking Life [2001] – 8/10
Waking Life [2001]

4) Apollo 13 [1995] – 7/10
Apollo 13 [1995]

5) Philadelphia [1993] – 7/10
Philadelphia [1993]

6) Tape [2001] – 7/10
Tape [2001]

7) The Untouchables [1987] – 8/10
The Untouchables [1987]

8) The Aviator [2004] – 8/10
The Aviator [2004]

Video Games Completed:
1) Batman: Arkham Asylum [Xbox 360]* – 9/10
Batman: Arkham Asylum [Xbox 360]

2) South Park: The Stick of Truth [Xbox 360] – 8/10
South Park: The Stick of Truth [Xbox 360]

3) The Walking Dead: Season Two [Xbox 360] – 9/10
The Walking Dead: Season Two [Xbox 360]

* denotes replay

TV Shows Finished:
1) Veep [Season 2] – 8/10
Veep [Season 2]

2) Archer [Season 2] – 8/10
Archer [Season 2]

Best of the Month: Aside from one misfire which I will get to in the next section, I had a great (albeit slow) month of movie watching. Although I rated most of them similarly, I have to give the edge to Waking Life as my favorite of the group. Richard Linklater’s philosophical animated film raises a lot of intriguing thoughts and questions, though I can’t pretend to understand some of its more weightier segments. Definitely one I would like to revisit at some point. For video games, the second season of The Walking Dead was just as bleak and depressing as the first one, and I loved it pretty much all the way through. It doesn’t have a character on the level of Lee from season one, but it’s still an excellent followup, and I am very curious to see where the next season goes.

Worst of the Month: I have mostly enjoyed director James Wan’s past work (particularly Saw and The Conjuring), but Dead Silence is just an awful, awful film. It has a cliché-ridden plot, laughable performances (Ryan Kwanten and Donnie Wahlberg, ladies and gentlemen) and some seriously cringe-worthy dialogue. Worst of all, there is no sense of dread anywhere. Just very disappointing.

Month In Review [July 2014]

In order of viewing:
1) Boyz n the Hood [1991] – 8/10
Boyz n the Hood [1991]

2) Stand By Me [1986] – 8/10
Stand By Me [1986]

3) 30 for 30: Bad Boys [2014] – 8/10
30 for 30: Bad Boys [2014]

4) The Karate Kid [1984] – 8/10
The Karate Kid [1984]

5) Maniac [2012] – 5/10
Maniac [2012]

6) The Innkeepers [2011] – 6/10
The Innkeepers [2011]

7) Enemy [2013] – 9/10
Enemy [2013]

8) Philomena [2013] – 7/10
Philomena [2013]

9) A Skin, A Night [2008] – 5/10
A Skin, A Night [2008]

10) Mystic River [2003] – 8/10
Mystic River [2003]

11) Snowpiercer [2013] – 9/10
Snowpiercer [2013]

12) Under the Skin [2013] – 8/10
Under the Skin [2013]

13) The Incredibles [2004] – 8/10
The Incredibles [2004]

Video Games Finished:
1) The Wolf Among Us [Xbox 360] – 9/10
The Wolf Among Us

2) MouseCraft [PS Vita] – 8/10

3) Injustice: Gods Among Us [PS Vita] – 9/10
Injustice: Gods Among Us [PS Vita]

TV Shows Completed:
1) Orange Is the New Black [Season 2] – 8/10
Orange Is the New Black [Season 2]

2) Archer [Season 1] – 8/10
Archer [Season 1]

Best of the Month: Not only is Enemy my favorite movie I watched in July, it’s my early front-runner for this year’s best film. Snowpiercer is a close second right now in my book, with Under the Skin just behind that. Those three films were revitalizing after what I thought had been a fairly disappointing year to that point. I’m even more excited to see what August brings, as I hope to finally catch Boyhood and Life Itself (among others). For video games, I played the last four episodes of The Wolf Among Us back-to-back, and loved every second of it. The final episode, in particular, was riveting and was the perfect way to finish the season. Injustice for the Vita was also a pleasant surprise, and it’s definitely up there as far as my favorite fighting games go.

Worst of the Month: As much as it pains me to say it, A Skin, A Night was a bit of a bore. The National, the subjects of the documentary, are probably my favorite band working today, but this little-seen documentary tried way too hard to be artsy, and it offered little in the way of insight on the band itself. On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to finally seeing Mistaken for Strangers, a more recent documentary about the band that has been getting rave reviews. I suppose Maniac could be considered for the worst of the month as well. Despite having a startlingly effective first-person view, Maniac didn’t work so well for me because I had a hard time buying Elijah Wood as an overpowering serial killer. He was definitely creepy, but there is just no way he could have held a woman of similar size down in the water with just one hand.

Onward to August!