Poll Results: What grade would you give Seth MacFarlane’s performance as Oscar host this year?

The final tally is in on this guy’s grade as Oscar host:


– B: 13 votes
– A: 5 votes
– C: 5 votes
– F: 2 votes
– D: 1 vote

So, the general consensus seems to be that MacFarlane was pretty good, but not great. I can get behind that. Even though the Oscars felt more like a roast with him at the helm, I think he did a better job than the hosts of the last couple years. I’m glad he won’t be doing it again next year — it’s good to have variety — but I don’t have any major complaints with his performance.

This Week’s Poll: Last week, I wrote about my experience of seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen in 70mm. This made me think about Stanley Kubrick and his impressive directorial career. My question for you this week is: what is your favorite Stanley Kubrick film? I’m allowing for two votes since it’s damn near impossible to pick just one. Really curious to see how this one plays out.

Have a great week everyone!

Poll Results: Favorite Film From This Year’s Best Picture Nominees

Thanks to some last minute voting, we have another tie:


– Argo: 6 votes
– Django Unchained: 6 votes
– Beasts of the Southern Wild: 2 votes
– Lincoln: 2 votes
– Silver Linings Playbook: 2 votes
– Amour: 1 vote
– Les Misérables: 1 vote
– Life of Pi: 1 vote
– Zero Dark Thirty: 1 vote

No complaints here! Argo and Django Unchained both got a 9/10 from me, and both will surely be in my top ten list (posted tomorrow). It’s pretty cool to see every film get at least one vote, showing that this year’s group of nominees are stronger than last year. No Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close in the bunch!

This Week’s Poll: As expected with every year of Oscar nominations, there are plenty of snubs. What do you consider the biggest Oscar snub this year? I’m allowing for two votes this time since there are so many possible candidates.

Have a great week everyone!

Poll results: Biggest Oscar Snub

This year’s Oscar nominations caused a huge uproar in the film world, and once again people spent more time discussing the snubs rather than the actual nominees. The awards are pretty much a running joke now, but it’s still fun to pick through the nominees and see what should be changed. There were quite a few major omissions, and this week’s poll results really show this.

Drive [2011]

– Drive for Best Picture: 6 votes
– Michael Fassbender for Best Actor: 4 votes
– 50/50 for Best Original Screenplay: 4 votes
– Albert Brooks for Best Supporting Actor: 1 vote
– Shame for anything: 1 vote
– Michael Shannon for Best Actor: 1 vote
– Tilda Swinton for Best Actress: 1 vote
– Other: The Interrupters for Best Documentary: 1 vote

Can’t say I am surprised by the winner. The lack of respect for Drive is especially disappointing, considering that it made many critic’s top ten list last year. Nice to see a write-in for The Interrupters, a documentary that I am very excited to see.

What do you guys think? What was YOUR biggest Oscar snub?