Top 10 Films From 2012

The “best of” lists have been well underway, and it’s time for me to join in on the festivities. I wanted to wait until I saw a few of the most recent heavy-hitters, and now I feel confident enough to put together my own top 10. This has been a great year for film, and I could have easily stretched this out to a top 20, or even 25. For the sake of consistency, I am sticking with a top ten.

Honorable Mentions:
The Intouchables
Zero Dark Thirty
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Killer Joe [2011]
10) Killer Joe
“A totally twisted deep-fried Texas redneck trailer park murder story.” Yeah, it’s as great as it sounds. I will never look at fried chicken the same way again.

Take This Waltz [2011]
9) Take This Waltz
Pretty much a “love it or hate it” film, but this one struck an emotional chord within me. I can’t get enough of Michelle Williams either.

Lincoln [2012]
8) Lincoln
Daniel Day-Lewis deserves every bit of praise sent his way, and he anchors a well-rounded cast in a film about one of America’s most pivotal moments.

7) Argo
Dare I say Ben Affleck is a much better director than actor? This is a gripping thriller that manages to maintain suspense despite the outcome being well-known.

The Dark Knight Rises [2012]
6) The Dark Knight Rises
I can’t think of a better conclusion to one of the best trilogies in recent times. The film flies by despite its lengthy running time, and Bane is a hell of a villain.

Indie Game: The Movie [2012]
5) Indie Game: the Movie
A documentary about indie game developers? Whaaaa-? This is actually a damn good film, one that shows a dedication to a craft where no outcome is certain.

The Imposter [2012]
4) The Imposter
The perfect example of truth being stranger than fiction. My favorite documentary of the year.

Oslo, August 31st [2011]
3) Oslo, August 31st
A look at a reformed drug addict trying to fit back into society. Sounds familiar, but this film looks at addiction in a fresh new light. Joachim Trier is a director to keep an eye on.

Django Unchained [2012]
2) Django Unchained
I could watch Quentin Tarantino recreate history any time. Just as stylish as expected from the eccentric director, with an especially memorable soundtrack.

The Master [2012]
1) The Master
I’m still a bit shocked at how divisive this film has been, but no other release resonated with me this year like Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest. The trio of Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams deliver some of the best performances of the year, and the film itself will leave you thinking about it for days (or much longer).

Still need to see: Amour, Seven Psychopaths, Rust and Bone, The Impossible, Holy Motors

Any thoughts? What do you agree with? Disagree?

Movies Watched [December 2012]

Happy New Year, folks! May this one be prosperous and joyful for all of you. Here’s a rundown of my final month of movie watching in 2012:

In order of viewing:
1) Life of Pi [2012]
Life of Pi [2012]

2) Silver Linings Playbook [2012]
Silver Linings Playbook [2012]

3) Goldfinger [1964]
Goldfinger [1964]

4) Bad Santa [2003]
Bad Santa [2003]

5) United 93 [2006]
United 93 [2006]

6) Inside [2007]
Inside [2007]

7) Klown [2010]
Klown [2010]

8) Flight [2012]
Flight [2012]

9) GoldenEye [1995]
GoldenEye [1995]

10) Dead Man [1995]
Dead Man [1995]

11) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [2012]
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [2012]

12) The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]
The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]

13) Monsters, Inc. [2001]
Monsters, Inc. [2001]

14) Quantum of Solace [2007]
Quantum of Solace [2007]

15) Oslo, August 31st [2011]
Oslo, August 31st [2011]

16) Reprise [2006]
Reprise [2006]

17) Basic Instinct [1992]
Basic Instinct [1992]

18) Elf [2003]
Elf [2003]

19) Lawrence of Arabia [1962]
Lawrence of Arabia [1962]

20) Metropolis [1927]
Metropolis [1927]

21) The Searchers [1956]
The Searchers [1956]

22) Babel [2006]
Babel [2006]

23) The Poseidon Adventure [1972]
The Poseidon Adventure [1972]

Movie of the Month: For classics, it has to be Lawrence of Arabia. So glad I was able to see that on the big screen. For modern films, Oslo, August 31st blew me away. Still plan on doing a full review for that, but it will easily make my top ten list this year.

Dud of the Month: GoldenEye has not aged well at all. The worst Bond film I have seen.

Final Yearly Total: 280

What was the best movie you saw last month? Got a favorite out of those listed above?