Poll Results: Best Thursday Night NBC Sitcom + Weekend Roundup

The winner for best Thursday night NBC sitcom:

Parks and Recreation

– Parks and Recreation: 7 votes
– The Office: 4 votes
– Community: 3 votes
– 30 Rock: 0 votes
– Up All Night: 0 votes

I had a feeling Parks & Rec would win, but I’m a little surprised that The Office managed to sneak into second place. I guess there are still some out there who remember its glory days rather than its current mediocrity. The big question here: where are the 30 Rock fans??

This Week’s Poll: In honor of Halloween, I am going to present horror-related polls for the rest of the month. First up: a look back at one of the true masters of horror, John Carpenter. What is his best film? The iconic Halloween? The Thing with Kurt Russell’s legendary beard? Or perhaps cult favorite They Live? Due to his extensive filmography, I am allowing for TWO votes per person.

It was an especially busy, yet very fun, weekend for me. I had family come down to visit, and it’s always a good time showing them around Chicago. We hit up a few different neighborhoods and even stopped at some places I had never been to (including the popular Wicker Park taco joint, Big Star). I was also honored to take them to their first ever midnight screening — a special showing of new cult sensation, Miami Connection. That film was absolutely ridiculous but in the most awesome way possible. I plan on writing about it this week, but this trailer will tell you everything you need to know:

And that’s a wrap for September. This month looks to be a little quieter for me, so expect more new material in the coming days/weeks.

How about you guys? See anything good over the weekend? What are you voting for this week?