Poll Results: Best Marvel Live Action Film


– The Avengers: 16 votes
– Spider-Man 2: 8 votes
– Iron Man: 8 votes
– The Amazing Spider-Man: 5 votes
– X-Men: First Class: 5 votes
– Spider-Man: 4 votes
– X2: 2 votes
– Thor: 2 votes
– Blade: 1 vote
– Captain America: 1 vote
– Iron Man 2: 1 vote
– X-Men: 1 vote
– The Punisher: 1 vote
– The Incredible Hulk: 1 vote
– The Wolverine: 1 vote
– Thor: The Dark World: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– The Rocketeer: 1 vote

No major surprises here. The Avengers was a huge success last year, with both audiences and critics loving it, and it had to be the odds-on favorite for this poll. Interesting to see so many other films get some votes as well, but no love for Howard the Duck?!?

Also, this is going to be the last poll for a while. Updates may be a bit more sporadic over here for the coming days, mostly due to the holidays and a change in my work schedule. Right now I still plan on finishing the 50 Movies Project by the end of the year, but reviews of new films and video games may have to wait. I’ll still be around — I just won’t be able to do near-daily posts anymore.

Poll Results: Best Tom Hanks Film


– Forrest Gump: 11 votes
– Saving Private Ryan: 8 votes
– Toy Story: 6 votes
– Big: 4 votes
– A League of Their Own: 3 votes
– Cast Away: 3 votes
– Road to Perdition: 2 votes
– Apollo 13: 1 vote
– Captain Phillips: 1 vote
– Philadelphia: 1 vote
– Splash: 1 vote
– Toy Story 2: 1 vote
– Toy Story 3: 1 vote

Very interesting results! I haven’t seen Forrest Gump in years, but I am a little surprised to see it win since it seems to have a bit of a bad rep these days. It has probably been, oh, 15 years or so since I last saw it, so I’m more than due for a rewatch. Nice to see so many other films receive votes as well, including all entries in the Toy Story trilogy.

This Week’s Poll: This is our biggest poll yet, one that encompasses over 30 years of entertainment. For the first time ever, I am asking you to PICK FOUR: Who is your favorite SNL alumni? I tried my best to include most of the major names from the show’s eclectic cast, but if I happened to miss one or two big names, please let me know. A full list can be found at Wikipedia.

So, who are YOUR favorites?

Poll Result: Best Horror Film of the 2010s

The Cabin in the Woods

– The Cabin in the Woods: 10 votes
– The Conjuring: 7 votes
– Warm Bodies: 2 votes
– The Awakening: 1 vote
– The Bay: 1 vote
– Berberian Sound Studio: 1 vote
– Byzantium: 1 vote
– Evil Dead: 1 vote
– Insidious: 1 vote
– I Saw the Devil: 1 vote
– John Dies at the End: 1 vote
– Paranormal Activity 2: 1 vote
– Red State: 1 vote

In a bit of a surprise, this was basically a two-horse race from beginning to end. A lot of films received votes, but in the end this was The Cabin in the Woods‘ poll to lose. Nice to see The Conjuring, one of this year’s biggest surprises, finish strong as well.

This Week’s Poll: Until this past weekend’s takeover by Bad Grandpa, the box office had been dominated lately by two films: Gravity and Captain Phillips. We already had a Gravity-related poll this month, so let’s take a look at the latter. What are the TWO best Tom Hanks films? The man has had an amazing career, so this one should be interesting.

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite Horror Movie Genre


– Psychological: 15 votes
– Comedy Horror: 8 votes
– Zombie: 3 votes
– Ghost: 2 votes
– Slasher: 2 votes
– Monster: 1 vote
– Possession/Religious: 1 vote
– Vampire: 1 vote

Wow! Was not expecting this one to be such a landslide. Can’t say I disagree with psychological horror finishing #1 though, especially when you consider films like The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby as the prime examples of the genre. I’m surprised some of the other selections received minimal votes (only one for possession?).

This Week’s Poll: Continuing this month’s celebration of all things horror, let’s take a look at some of the best recent films of the genre. This week’s question is a pick two: what is the best horror film from the 2010s (2010-present)? The genre has been getting a resurgence of sorts, so this could provide some interesting, diverse results.

Poll Results: Best Movie About Alcoholism

Leaving Las Vegas

– Leaving Las Vegas: 9 votes
– The Lost Weekend: 7 votes
– Bad Santa: 4 votes
– Days of Wines and Roses: 4 votes
– Flight: 4 votes
– Smashed: 2 votes
– 28 Days: 1 vote
– Julia: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– The World’s End: 2 votes (good call)
– Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle: 1 vote (gotta see this)

This poll was a fun one to keep an eye on. The last time I checked the results, the Oscar-winning The Lost Weekend had a sizable lead, but then the Nic Cage fans came roaring in. No complaints here — I saw Leaving Las Vegas for the first time this year, and it left a lasting impression on me. Also, Days of Wines and Roses has just shot up in my queue based on its performance here. Heard nothing but great things about that one.

This Week’s Poll: Let’s go back to video games this week. We’re slowly getting into the holiday season, and there are many, many big titles on the way. The fun starts next week with the release of Grand Theft Auto V (and its record-breaking $265 million budget), but it seems nearly every week there is going to be something worth playing. What TWO games are you most looking forward to this year?

Poll Results: Favorite Grand Theft Auto Game

GTA Vice City

– Vice City: 5 votes
– GTA III: 3 votes
– San Andreas: 3 votes
– GTA 1: 2 votes
– GTA IV: 1 vote
– Chinatown Wars: 1 vote

Once again, Tommy Vercetti is on top of the world. Vice City would get my vote as well — even though most GTA games are quite good, nothing beats the 80s Scarface-esque rise-to-fame. Hell, I still own the box set for the game’s soundtrack. Interesting to see the 2D top-down PS1 original snag a couple votes, twice as many as the massively popular GTA IV.

This Week’s Poll: This past weekend saw the release of not one, but TWO new films related to drinking: The World’s End and Drinking Buddies. While both of these take the comedic route, I opted for a more serious question this week. Pick Two: What is the best movie about alcoholism? I drew up a preliminary list of classics and modern takes alike, but please let me know if I am missing any important candidates.

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite Matt Damon Film

Good Will Hunting

– Good Will Hunting: 7 votes
– The Bourne Identity: 5 votes
– The Departed: 5 votes
– Rounders: 4 votes
– Saving Private Ryan: 3 votes
– The Talented Mr. Ripley: 3 votes
– The Bourne Supremacy: 2 votes
– True Grit: 2 votes
– Dogma: 1 vote
– The Bourne Ultimatum: 1 vote

This was a close one, but Good Will Hunting ended up winning after holding the lead for most of the week. Interesting to note that the Bourne trilogy would have finished first if combined as one result. I’m happy that Rounders had a strong showing — for my money, that’s still the best poker movie of all time.

This Week’s Poll: There is just under a month left until the brand new Grand Theft Auto V is released onto the gaming world. The news on Rockstar’s latest game keeps trickling in, and all signs point to this being one of the year’s best games. As such, I thought it would be fun to look back at the GTA series in its entirety. What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto game? Do you prefer the Scarface-inspired 80s hit, Vice City? How about 90s LA in San Andreas? Or is the increased realism of GTA IV more your style?

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite Denzel Washington Film

Malcolm X

– Malcolm X: 6 votes
– American Gangster: 5 votes
– Glory: 5 votes
– Training Day: 4 votes
– Inside Man: 3 votes
– Philadelphia: 3 votes
– Flight: 2 votes
– Remember the Titans: 2 votes
– Deja Vu: 1 vote
– The Great Debaters: 1 vote
– The Hurricane: 1 vote
– John Q: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– Devil In a Blue Dress: 1 vote
– Man On Fire: 1 vote
– “twilight”: 1 vote (what?)

I may have unknowingly altered the results here. I forgot to list Training Day, which earned Denzel his only Best Actor award, until the end of last week. I have a feeling that might have snagged a few more votes if it were more prominently displayed in the results. At the same time, most recognize Malcolm X as his finest performance, so that probably still would have won anyway. Either way, it’s great to see so many films get votes.

This Week’s Poll: The Matt Damon-starring Elysium topped the box office over the weekend despite surprisingly mixed reviews. With Damon once again in the spotlight, it only seems appropriate to ask this: what are your TWO favorite Matt Damon movies? This one should provide some interesting results.

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite “Outstanding Drama” Emmy Nomination

Breaking Bad

– Breaking Bad: 12 votes
– Game of Thrones: 10 votes
– Downton Abbey: 2 votes
– Mad Men: 1 vote
– Homeland: 0 votes
– House of Cards: 0 votes

This was a close one all the way, and the last time I checked Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones were tied. It seems only fitting that Vince Gilligan’s show would finish first, right on the eve of one of the most-anticipated final seasons in TV history. August 11 cannot come soon enough! Too bad that Homeland and House of Cards were shut out, but that is some stiff competition.

This Week’s Poll: The latest Hugh Jackman/X-Men film, The Wolverine, topped the box office over the weekend, and it has been getting mostly positive reviews overall. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m glad to hear that most have enjoyed it. This week’s question is for the X-Men fans out there: what is your favorite X-Men film? Do you still think the original is the best? Do you prefer its first sequel, X2? Or do you feel The Last Stand is a misunderstood classic? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Best College Film

The Social Network

– The Social Network: 10 votes
– Animal House: 6 votes
– Good Will Hunting: 5 votes
– Old School: 3 votes
– Revenge of the Nerds: 3 votes
– Back to School: 2 votes
– Accepted: 1 vote
– The Paper Chase: 1 vote
– PCU: 1 vote
– Road Trip: 1 vote
– Rudy: 1 vote
– Spring Breakers: 1 vote

While many will cry foul at Animal House finishing second, at least it lost to a very admirable opponent. For my money, David Fincher’s The Social Network was the best film from 2010, and it appears to still have quite a few fans. Perhaps if I had specifically asked for best college comedy, the results would have been different.

This Week’s Poll: Raise your hand if you were surprised to see The Lone Ranger flop at the box office this weekend. No one? Yeah, me either. The Lone Ranger finished second with just over $29 million, barely eking past last week’s hit, The Heat. While its box office performance could have been even worse, it’s still a huge disappointment for a film that cost nearly $250 million to make. For this week’s poll, let’s take a look at films that have been even bigger busts: what is your favorite “box office bomb” guilty pleasure? Do you believe Heaven’s Gate or Ishtar are misunderstood classics? Are you a closet Gigli fan? Let’s hear your thoughts!

For a helpful list of other box office bombs, check out this list on Wikipedia.