Poll Results: Best Zombie Film of All-Time

…and the winner is:

Shaun of the Dead

– Shaun of the Dead: 11 votes
– Dawn of the Dead [1978]: 9 votes
– Night of the Living Dead: 9 votes
– Zombieland: 7 votes
– 28 Days Later: 4 votes
– Braindead (Dead Alive): 3 votes
– Return of the Living Dead: 2 votes

This was a close race all the way, but Edgar Wright’s hilarious 2004 comedy gets the hard-fought victory. Two bona fide George Romero classics finished second and third, and the relatively recent Zombieland put in a good showing as well. Might have to fire up Shaun of the Dead this week.. it has been too long!

This Week’s Poll: Monster’s University was tops at the box office once again this weekend. While I have yet to see the film, I do have a weakness for college movies in general. This week’s question is, what is your favorite college movie? Do you still think nothing can top Animal House? Are you a Will Ferrell junkie that swears by Old School? Or is there something else that you enjoy more?

Poll Results: Favorite Cast Member from This Is the End

Everyone’s favorite Moneyball supporting actor continues his winning ways:

Jonah Hill

– Jonah Hill: 6 votes
– James Franco: 4 votes
– Danny McBride: 3 votes
– Jay Baruchel: 2 votes
– Craig Robinson: 2 votes
– Seth Rogen: 0 votes

Poor Seth Rogen. Getting shut out of his own movie. Is everyone that tired of him already?

This Week’s Poll: The weekend’s biggest surprise at the box office was easily World War Z finishing second overall while making a cool $66+ million. After a number of delays, production problems and tepid reviews, the film surpassed most expectations, and there is already talk of a sequel. In honor of the film’s success, let’s take a look back at zombies in film. What are the *two* best zombie movies of all time? Are you a fan of the Romero classics, or do you prefer modern horror-comedies like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland?

Poll Results: Favorite Matthew McConaughey Movie

Awwwww yeah….

Matthew McConaughey

– Dazed and Confused: 8 votes
– Killer Joe: 6 votes
– Mud: 6 votes
– The Lincoln Lawyer: 6 votes
– Bernie: 3 votes
– Reign of Fire: 3 votes
– U-571: 2 votes
– Contact: 1 vote
– Edtv: 1 vote
– How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: 1 vote
– Magic Mike: 1 vote
– The Paperboy: 1 vote
– We Are Marshall: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– Tropic Thunder: 1 vote
– “dr.Mario”: 1 vote (???)

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

This Week’s Poll: Today was arguably the biggest day of the year for video games, as both Microsoft and Sony played their cards at E3 and really started to push their new consoles. My question for you is: Based on today’s presentations at E3, what is going to be your main system of choice for the next generation of games? I’ll refrain from sharing my thoughts just yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to be the winner here.

Did you watch any of the E3 conferences today? What impressed you the most?

Poll Results: Best Vietnam War Film

We had a pretty good turnout for this poll, and it resulted in a surprising tie:


– Apocalypse Now: 11 votes
– The Deer Hunter: 11 votes
– Full Metal Jacket: 8 votes
– Platoon: 6 votes
– Born on the Fourth of July: 2 votes
– Good Morning, Vietnam: 2 votes
– Coming Home: 1 vote
– Hamburger Hill: 1 vote
– We Were Soldiers: 1 vote

I guess my initial prediction of Apocalypse Now and Platoon finishing 1-2 was way off here. Did not expect so many fans of The Deer Hunter to show up, but I’m not complaining. That is a hell of a film right there. Nice to see a handful of others get some votes as well.

This Week’s Poll: Sticking with movies this week, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Matthew McConaughey’s career. The man has had an impressive resurgence lately, and it had me thinking about some of his best roles. What are your TWO favorite Matthew McConaughey movies? Are you a fan of his early work, a la Dazed and Confused and A Time to Kill? Did you enjoy his romcom period? Or are some of his recent films already on your list of favorites?

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite Character From The Office (U.S.)

No doubt about this one:

Michael Scott

– Michael: 16 votes
– Dwight: 8 votes
– Jim: 4 votes
– Creed: 3 votes
– Pam: 2 votes
– Kevin: 1 vote
– Ryan: 1 vote
– Stanley: 1 vote

No surprises here. Michael Scott was one of the biggest reasons the show was such a success, and his departure coincided with a huge drop in quality. It’s nice to see Dwight finish second — fitting, considering he had perhaps the best sendoff in the show’s finale.

This Week’s Poll: In honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to ask a military-themed question. Rather than go too broad and ask about war films in general, let’s discuss those that focus on the Vietnam War. I’m sure we all have friends and/or family who have been affected by this war, and there have been many excellent films based on it. My question for you this week is, what is the best film based on the Vietnam War? It seems a given that this will come down to Apocalypse Now and Platoon, but what about other excellent films like The Deer Hunter or Full Metal Jacket? How about seemingly underrated titles such as Hamburger Hill or Tigerland? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Poll Results: Favorite Baseball Film + The Warning Sign Update

A recent film stands tall as the winner:


– Moneyball: 8 votes
– The Sandlot: 6 votes
– Bad News Bears [original]: 5 votes
– Bull Durham: 3 votes
– Field of Dreams: 3 votes
– A League of Their Own: 3 votes
– Major League: 2 votes
– 61*: 1 vote
– Eight Men Out: 1 vote
– Fever Pitch: 1 vote
– Rookie of the Year: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– It Happens Every Spring: 1 vote
– Major League II: 1 vote

Some really interesting votes this time around. I expected a better turnout for Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, but it seems that *everyone* loves Moneyball. No complaints here, as any film based on sabermetrics that manages to also appeal to the non-baseball fan crowd is worthy in my book.

This Week’s Poll: As many of you know, last week brought us the series finale for the U.S. version of The Office. While the show suffered in its last couple years, it still had a hell of a run, and it was sad to see it go. In honor of one of the best TV sitcoms of the 2000s, I want to know who your favorite characters of The Office are. Since there are just so many characters, I’m making this a pick two.

The Warning Sign Update: Things have been slow around these parts, as the hustle and bustle of summer has given me little time to devote to blogging. Between going out of state and having friends and family visit here, my free time has been minimal. However, this week is looking better, and I hope to begin sharing regular content from this point on. Thanks to all who still visited during the lull — I greatly appreciate every single one of you!

Have a great week!

Poll Results: Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

With so many blockbusters this summer, it’s no surprise that this was a close race:

The Great Gatsby

– The Great Gatsby: 7 votes
– The World’s End: 6 votes
– Man of Steel: 5 votes
– Pacific Rim: 4 votes
– Star Trek Into Darkness: 3 votes
– Kick-Ass 2: 2 votes
– The Wolverine: 2 votes
– Fast & Furious 6: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– Only God Forgives: 2 votes (great choice)
– Before Midnight: 1 vote (my most anticipated film as well, but I would be hard-pressed to call this a “blockbuster”)

So, for those who were looking forward to The Great Gatsby, did the movie live up to your expectations? The reviews are all over the place… what did you think of it? Feel free to link to your review if you have one.

This Week’s Poll: Since the hockey and basketball seasons are winding down (GO WINGS!), the focus of the sporting world is about to shift almost entirely to baseball. This is a sport that has been covered quite a bit in film, and there are several titles that are enjoyable even to non-fans. This week’s poll is a pick two: What is your favorite baseball movie? Do you prefer modern picks such as 42 or Moneyball? Do you get nostalgic about The Sandlot? Do you still fire up Bull Durham for every Opening Day? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Favorite Movie Decade

The winner for Favorite Movie Decade is:

1980s Movies
(image credit: sporcle.com)

– 1980s: 6 votes
– 1990s: 5 votes
– 1970s: 4 votes
– 1940s: 2 votes
– 1960s: 2 votes
– 2000s: 2 votes
– 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s: 0 votes

It seems the “children of the 80s” have spoken! Is it proper to call this an upset? I certainly didn’t see it coming. I’m most surprised, however, that the 1950s didn’t get a single vote! No love for the decade that spawned The Seventh Seal, Touch of Evil or Vertigo? Anyway, I can’t complain too much about the winner — now excuse me while I watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to celebrate.

This Week’s Poll: Alright, folks, it’s starting to get warm outside, and the summer blockbusters are already rolling in. My question for you this week is: what upcoming summer blockbusters are you most looking forward to? This is a pick two, so make sure you take advantage of this. What’s caught your eye this year?

Have a great week!

Poll Results: Favorite Video Game Era

If ever there were a poll to warrant a tie, it’s this one:


– 32 & 64-Bit: 4 votes
– Current Generation: 4 votes
– 8-Bit: 3 votes
– 16-Bit: 3 votes
– 128-Bit: 2 votes
– Early Arcade: 1 vote
– First Generation: 0 votes
– Second Generation: 0 votes

Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had a four-way tie for this one. There are so many great games from *every* era, and it really is hard to pick just one favorite. It’s interesting that the current console generation ended up in a tie for first — hopefully the next batch of systems is even better.

This Week’s Poll: Last week, John from the excellent movie blog, The Droid You’re Looking For, shared a post in which he ranked the movie decades from best-to-worst. This question seemed like an excellent followup to last week’s poll about video game eras. So, movie lovers, what is your favorite movie decade? Do you agree with John in saying that the 70s are best? Are you more of a silent era fan? How about the great film noirs from the 40s and 50s? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Have a great week, folks!

Poll Results: Best Harrison Ford Film

In a career full of iconic films, Harrison Ford’s best is quite clear for most:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

– Raiders of the Lost Ark: 21 votes
– Blade Runner: 16 votes
– The Empire Strikes Back: 8 votes
– Star Wars: 5 votes
– Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: 3 votes
– Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: 3 votes
– The Fugitive: 3 votes
– Air Force One: 1 vote
– The Mosquito Coast: 1 vote
– Patriot Games: 1 vote
– Presumed Innocent: 1 vote
– Witness: 1 vote

While Raiders of the Lost Ark is clearly a juggernaut that can’t be stopped, that was a hell of a job by the Blade Runner fans to make this a close contest. I’m honestly surprised that the Star Wars films didn’t get more votes — Raiders of the Lost Ark received nearly twice as many votes as the Star Wars trilogy combined!

This Week’s Poll: Changing gears this week. Tom Cruise’s sci-fi film, Oblivion, won out at the box office over the weekend, and we have already covered his career before. Let’s discuss video games instead — what is your favorite era for gaming? Are you an old-school NES fan who wishes for the early days of Mario, Contra and Castlevania? Do you prefer the SNES/Genesis era and their impressive selection of RPGs? Or perhaps you are enjoying the latest generations? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Have a great week, folks!