Poll Results: Best Zombie Film of All-Time

…and the winner is:

Shaun of the Dead

– Shaun of the Dead: 11 votes
– Dawn of the Dead [1978]: 9 votes
– Night of the Living Dead: 9 votes
– Zombieland: 7 votes
– 28 Days Later: 4 votes
– Braindead (Dead Alive): 3 votes
– Return of the Living Dead: 2 votes

This was a close race all the way, but Edgar Wright’s hilarious 2004 comedy gets the hard-fought victory. Two bona fide George Romero classics finished second and third, and the relatively recent Zombieland put in a good showing as well. Might have to fire up Shaun of the Dead this week.. it has been too long!

This Week’s Poll: Monster’s University was tops at the box office once again this weekend. While I have yet to see the film, I do have a weakness for college movies in general. This week’s question is, what is your favorite college movie? Do you still think nothing can top Animal House? Are you a Will Ferrell junkie that swears by Old School? Or is there something else that you enjoy more?