Poll Results: Best Tom Hanks Film


– Forrest Gump: 11 votes
– Saving Private Ryan: 8 votes
– Toy Story: 6 votes
– Big: 4 votes
– A League of Their Own: 3 votes
– Cast Away: 3 votes
– Road to Perdition: 2 votes
– Apollo 13: 1 vote
– Captain Phillips: 1 vote
– Philadelphia: 1 vote
– Splash: 1 vote
– Toy Story 2: 1 vote
– Toy Story 3: 1 vote

Very interesting results! I haven’t seen Forrest Gump in years, but I am a little surprised to see it win since it seems to have a bit of a bad rep these days. It has probably been, oh, 15 years or so since I last saw it, so I’m more than due for a rewatch. Nice to see so many other films receive votes as well, including all entries in the Toy Story trilogy.

This Week’s Poll: This is our biggest poll yet, one that encompasses over 30 years of entertainment. For the first time ever, I am asking you to PICK FOUR: Who is your favorite SNL alumni? I tried my best to include most of the major names from the show’s eclectic cast, but if I happened to miss one or two big names, please let me know. A full list can be found at Wikipedia.

So, who are YOUR favorites?