Poll results: Biggest Oscar Snub

This year’s Oscar nominations caused a huge uproar in the film world, and once again people spent more time discussing the snubs rather than the actual nominees. The awards are pretty much a running joke now, but it’s still fun to pick through the nominees and see what should be changed. There were quite a few major omissions, and this week’s poll results really show this.

Drive [2011]

– Drive for Best Picture: 6 votes
– Michael Fassbender for Best Actor: 4 votes
– 50/50 for Best Original Screenplay: 4 votes
– Albert Brooks for Best Supporting Actor: 1 vote
– Shame for anything: 1 vote
– Michael Shannon for Best Actor: 1 vote
– Tilda Swinton for Best Actress: 1 vote
– Other: The Interrupters for Best Documentary: 1 vote

Can’t say I am surprised by the winner. The lack of respect for Drive is especially disappointing, considering that it made many critic’s top ten list last year. Nice to see a write-in for The Interrupters, a documentary that I am very excited to see.

What do you guys think? What was YOUR biggest Oscar snub?