Beer Review: Sticky Fat [Half Acre Beer Company]

Sticky Fat [Half Acre Beer Company]

Sticky Fat
Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company (Chicago, Illinois)
Style: American Dark Ale
ABV: 6.5%

A couple weeks ago, Half Acre Beer Company released a returning favorite known as Sticky Fat. The brewery even has a story to go along with this local favorite. Here is how the company’s blog tells the tale:

The lore goes that each year as soon the hop cones are plump the Sticky Fat Bear lumbers down from the hills to have himself a feast. He sits and eats all night long and disappears before anyone wakes. The kids chant his name in school yard folks songs, but not much is said about the Sticky Fat Bear in the rural nooks of american hop country.

When an old hop farmer in the pacific northwest was asked by a reporter:
“Sir, what do you know about the Sticky Fat Bear? Have you seen him? Are you missing hops?”

The farmer snapped this response:
“That Sticky Fat Bear is a ghost. He eats ’em all up. He takes what he wants and leaves us with nothin’.”

It’s clear that Half Acre has a certain passion for Sticky Fat, and they even release custom t-shirts for the occasion. It’s easy to see why — this is a damn good beer!

When poured into a glass, Sticky Fat is very dark in appearance, almost pitch black. Its aroma is full of piney hops. It tastes like a delicious hybrid of a porter and IPA, with both styles easily apparent. The porter side lends some chocolate and roasted coffee tones, whereas the IPA characteristics make sure the wet hops are noticeable. There is a decent amount of bitterness that lingers on the tongue.

This is a really interesting beer in that its dark looks are misleading. This is actually a VERY drinkable brew that goes down just as easy as a typical pale ale. There is an excellent balance between the roasty malts and fresh hops that makes this one of the more unique beers that I have tried lately. It’s great to see Sticky Fat back for a second round, and I hope this encourages Half Acre to give this a bottle/can release at some point.