Poll Results: Best Jason Reitman Film

Going along the lines of last week’s Darren Aronofsky poll, I decided to follow up with another consistently enjoyable director, Jason Reitman. Although he has just four movies to his name, Reitman has received numerous accolades for his work, including Best Picture nominations for Juno and Up in the Air. I thought the results for this poll would be spread out a little more evenly, but you guys were vocal in naming your top choice:

Juno [2007]

– Juno: 9 votes
– Up in the Air: 6 votes
– Thank You For Smoking: 4 votes
– Young Adult: 1 vote

Yep, the Diablo Cody-penned Juno, hamburger phone and all, was voted as YOUR favorite Jason Reitman film! It’s a fun movie, no doubt, but I gotta say I am a little surprised by the results. I figured Up in the Air would get a little more love, and it’s surprising to see his latest release, Young Adult, get just one vote. My personal favorite? Thank You For Smoking. Nice to see that one get a decent amount of votes.

Nice voting everyone! Be sure to vote in the latest poll, regarding this year’s biggest movie releases, on the right side of the page.