Poll Results: Favorite Coen Brothers Film + Weekend Roundup

The Warning Sign abides:

The Big Lebowski

– The Big Lebowski: 12 votes
– Fargo: 7 votes
– No Country for Old Men: 6 votes
– O Brother, Where Art Thou?: 6 votes
– True Grit: 2 votes
– Miller’s Crossing: 1 vote
– Raising Arizona: 1 vote

Nice to see seven different films get votes, but I’m surprised others received no love: Blood Simple, A Serious Man, Barton Fink, etc. I guess that just shows that the films listed above are on a completely different level.

This Week’s Poll: The “found footage” film genre has been ridiculed for the past few years, and perhaps rightfully so. However, there are some quality titles in the genre amongst the garbage, including a handful of truly important pieces of filmmaking. After looking back at the best to use the concept, my question for you is: what is your favorite found footage film? There have to be at least a few viable contenders, right?

As you may have noticed, things at The Warning Sign have been rather quiet. I didn’t plan on taking a break, but it turned out to be quite the busy week and I just didn’t have any posts lined up in time. This week and upcoming weekend also look to be rather packed, so the normal five posts per week schedule is likely out of the question. I know a few other bloggers have taken breaks recently, and much like them I have found the separation to be rewarding. I’m not going away anytime soon, but don’t be surprised if posts become a little more sporadic. It’s pretty damn hard to put up new material nearly every day of the week! Thankfully, I was able to catch a couple of films at the theater yesterday, so keep an eye out for reviews on those in the coming days. Other than that, I have some other ideas in place but can make no guarantees as to when new posts will be up.

Finally, some quick thoughts on week two of the NFL… I missed out on the daytime action, but I was especially excited to see my Detroit Lions on primetime television. I still can’t get over the fact that we have a respected, quality team — one that has two primetime games this season. Sure, the Lions lost last night in a pretty ugly game, but at least they made it respectable at the end despite missing 3/4 of their starting secondary to injury. One thing that I have to say about football in general: the replacement officials are TERRIBLE. It is becoming painful to watch the NFL this year simply because of blown calls, missed penalties and poor time management. There were several novice mistakes against both teams last night, many of which were crucial to the game’s development. The NFL needs to work out a deal with the old crew, STAT.

Enough ranting. What do you guys think of the latest poll results? How did your votes fare? What do you have in mind for this week?