Poll Results: Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

With so many blockbusters this summer, it’s no surprise that this was a close race:

The Great Gatsby

– The Great Gatsby: 7 votes
– The World’s End: 6 votes
– Man of Steel: 5 votes
– Pacific Rim: 4 votes
– Star Trek Into Darkness: 3 votes
– Kick-Ass 2: 2 votes
– The Wolverine: 2 votes
– Fast & Furious 6: 1 vote

The write-ins:
– Only God Forgives: 2 votes (great choice)
– Before Midnight: 1 vote (my most anticipated film as well, but I would be hard-pressed to call this a “blockbuster”)

So, for those who were looking forward to The Great Gatsby, did the movie live up to your expectations? The reviews are all over the place… what did you think of it? Feel free to link to your review if you have one.

This Week’s Poll: Since the hockey and basketball seasons are winding down (GO WINGS!), the focus of the sporting world is about to shift almost entirely to baseball. This is a sport that has been covered quite a bit in film, and there are several titles that are enjoyable even to non-fans. This week’s poll is a pick two: What is your favorite baseball movie? Do you prefer modern picks such as 42 or Moneyball? Do you get nostalgic about The Sandlot? Do you still fire up Bull Durham for every Opening Day? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Have a great week, folks!