Poll Results: Best College Film

The Social Network

– The Social Network: 10 votes
– Animal House: 6 votes
– Good Will Hunting: 5 votes
– Old School: 3 votes
– Revenge of the Nerds: 3 votes
– Back to School: 2 votes
– Accepted: 1 vote
– The Paper Chase: 1 vote
– PCU: 1 vote
– Road Trip: 1 vote
– Rudy: 1 vote
– Spring Breakers: 1 vote

While many will cry foul at Animal House finishing second, at least it lost to a very admirable opponent. For my money, David Fincher’s The Social Network was the best film from 2010, and it appears to still have quite a few fans. Perhaps if I had specifically asked for best college comedy, the results would have been different.

This Week’s Poll: Raise your hand if you were surprised to see The Lone Ranger flop at the box office this weekend. No one? Yeah, me either. The Lone Ranger finished second with just over $29 million, barely eking past last week’s hit, The Heat. While its box office performance could have been even worse, it’s still a huge disappointment for a film that cost nearly $250 million to make. For this week’s poll, let’s take a look at films that have been even bigger busts: what is your favorite “box office bomb” guilty pleasure? Do you believe Heaven’s Gate or Ishtar are misunderstood classics? Are you a closet Gigli fan? Let’s hear your thoughts!

For a helpful list of other box office bombs, check out this list on Wikipedia.