Poll Results: Best X-Men Movie

We have a tie!



– X2: 10 votes
– X-Men: First Class: 10 votes
– X-Men: 3 votes
– X-Men: The Last Stand: 2 votes
– The Wolverine: 2 votes
– X-Men Origins: Wolverine: 1 vote

I let this run a little longer in hopes of breaking the tie, but it seems this tie was meant to be. Really interesting that every X-Men film managed to snag a vote, even the much-maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This Week’s Poll: This past weekend, the new Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg film, 2 Guns, finished first at the box office. The reviews have been mixed — it’s sitting at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes right now — but the audiences seem to be enjoying it. This new film provides the opportunity to take a look back at the filmography of one of today’s best actors: what are your TWO favorite Denzel Washington movies? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Movies Watched [June 2011]

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! I will be out for the next few days, and I won’t be back with new content until Monday or Tuesday. Gonna give the ol’ camping thing a try, something I haven’t done since I was a kid. Until then, here is a summary of my movie viewing from June, complete with links to the various reviews.

In order of viewing (number represents year overall total, not this month):

87) 13 Assassins [2010]
13 Assassins [2010]

88) Dead Alive [1992]
Dead Alive [1992]

89) Wet Hot American Summer [2001]
Wet Hot American Summer [2001]

90) The Last House on the Left [1972]
The Last House on the Left [1972]

91) Super 8 [2011]
Super 8 [2011]

92) X-Men: First Class [2011]
X-Men: First Class [2011]

93) Nowhere Boy [2009]
Nowhere Boy [2009]

94) X2 [2003]
X2 [2003]

95) Somewhere [2010]
Somewhere [2010]

96) Breathless [1960]
Breathless [1960, Godard]

97) 30 for 30: Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks [2010]
ESPN 30 for 30: Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks [2010]

98) Rabbit Hole [2010]
Rabbit Hole [2010]

99) The Virgin Suicides [1999]
The Virgin Suicides [1999]

100) Back to the Future [1985]
Back to the Future [1985]

101) The Last Exorcism [2010]
The Last Exorcism [2010]